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Coming from the diverse culture of Berkeley California, Watzreal has used rap music as an outlet for his creativity, to share his perspective on life, and to express the many emotions his life encounters.

Inspired by the likes of Jay-Z, Eminem, Nas, and Rakim as well as a wide range of underground icons, Watzreal uses an old school vibe blended with a variety of cadences as well as unique subject matters to create his favorite type of art—music. Although he has been tempted to use the typical topics of sex, money and drugs that are far too common in the world of mainstream rap music, this artist uses his name Watzreal as reminder that he must be real to himself and to his music if has any hope of making a real impact. While his last two albums, For the Love of Music, and R&B: Raps and Ballads have not received much of a buzz, he plans to put in extra effort as well as additional promotion to make more of his next project. While the last two albums have focused on women, the next album will include a much broader range of subject matter. While there is no release date for the album, the EP (Wisdom with Attitude), should be expected to drop in August.

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Bay Area, CA
Supported by Team Zoe/Youth Movement Records

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