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-2016 Sane and Monstar formed Street Poet Alliance rap group Texas to Colorado.
-2015 Monstar King moved to Denver, CO
-2014 Released my 6th release "The Mix Tape." I'm currently making my own beats, record my own mixes, and master my own tracks. I'm constantly creating new music so follow me and I'll follow back. If you need a feature, message me.
2013- "SANE “Texas Legend” – The Rising Hip Hop Star
Music is an art that millions of people appreciate in different parts across the globe. Many artists have come and gone while they mesmerized the whole world in the process. Recently, many young and talented artists have begun to emerge from various countries. The fact that people respect and want to hear new music makes it all the more better for them to try out Sane “Texas Legend”. The artist has stepped into the spotlight not too long ago but has acquired fans from all over the world in a short period of time. Moreover, the artist comes within the new musical sensations and is likely to make it big in the future. Fans are head over heels in love with the first album that has just released and are waiting for the artist to come up with more songs for them to listen in the future. The best part about the artist is the fact that he tends to keep all the tracks simple and they have their own grace with is rather unmatched. Hip hop has been one of the best and the most celebrated genres of all time and the main aim of the young artist is to show people how real hip hop works.
The tracks have a decent flow to them and tend to make people want to listen to them till the very end. The artists’ inspiration for following hip hop comes from notable and successful hip hop artists who have a league of their own. Furthermore, the fans are likely to see more of the artist now that he has released his debut album which is destined to reach the heights of success in record time. The album consists of 16 tracks in total and each is unique on its own. The pure element of hip hop and its classic beats can be found within all the tracks which make them rather impressive for first time listeners as well. The ‘mix tape’ as it’s called has been released over some days and ended up receiving around 10,000 views which is pretty a big deal. The emerging artist wishes to celebrate his success by spreading his music more around the world. City of Currency has been the top choice for hip hop music lovers around Austin, Texas. Moreover, Sane “Texas Legend” has also collaborated with some local artists on a few tracks of the mix tape.
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SANE "Texas Legend" is an American recording artist; he was born in a family where crime has never been a stranger but more like a cousin. Surrounded by the elements it was destined for him to be a product of his society. In the concrete jungle of Austin, Texas he grew up acknowledging the harsh reality's of what this crazy world has to offer: money, sex, drugs, greed, and violence. Absorbing knowledge like a sponge he started writing his thoughts as poems which transformed into songs and generated life's lessons into music expressing all that he had encountered. Witnessing his brothers in constant trouble with the law he found himself looking up to gangsters as role models. Growing up in the 90's listening to UGK, Z-ro, Dr.Dre, Tupac, and Snoop Dogg naturally his music was influenced by gangster rap and hip-hop. At the turn of the century, he found himself rapping at party's and writing as much as possible filling up notepads. With his passion for music he pursued his career in 2008 and found himself slowly becoming a young entrepreneur. First year of performing (2008) he had 8 shows and opened up for Trae, Rob G, and Lil Keke. (2009) First album released " Hurricane Season." (2010) 2nd release "Go Getter Music" both available on itunes and Amazon.com! (2011) Helped a non-profit organization sponsor two students for school supplies. Established record label Texas Legend Entertainment. (2012) Released Mixtape Massacre. Started creating his own computer graphics. (2013) Topped Reverbnation's music charts #1 in Austin, TX and ranked #8 in the United States. Mixtape release "City Of Currency." "Like a fiend who has become immune I will never be satisfied. I find myself addicted to music and will not stop even after I have been given the proper respect. Despite all obstacles that I may have to overcome I have no choice but to succeed. Some may classify me as crazy... but in my mind I am SANE." - SANE

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