Steve Brosky / Press

“Ranked #1 on Reverbnation Singer/Songwriter Steve Brosky now a days you can catch Steve with his BIG LIL' BAND or Solo, or with a Duo combination with the likes of John Cannavo voted LVMA guitarist for 4 yrs. in a row...“a unlikely Duo” you say but the music is real , John comes from school of (He's played ever kinda gig there is) and Steve...well he's just Steve Brosky...they'll do some Van the Man , Waits , Dylan and of course Brosky as well...Steve has Duo'ed up in the past with (the okie Blues Man)Kenny Siftar , Smoking Joe Mixon , "Fingers"Rick Repsher , Josh(Jazzer /Jammer)Klein and of course Jimmy Meyer as well...you never know who will show up.”