American Punk and Hardcore have been high-jacked from their late 70's/early 80¹s roots and Boston's DRAGO has been hired as a mercenary of the people to bring them back from captivity.

The story begins in the spring of 2004. 13 years after the end of their stint as American foot soldiers in the Cold War, a Boston crack commando unit lead by Col. Mike Gurley and his team were framed for a crime they didn¹t commit and sent to a US military prison. They promptly escaped the maximum security stockade to the Boston Underground. First, they were pursued by Col. Pop Punk and later by General Emo. While on the lam, they became heroes for hire, working as an early 80's style hardcore punk band around Boston and the Northeast. Gurley was their cigar smoking frontman and an expert at singing about things that piss him off (like the fact that Boston bars are only open until 2am or about the punk kid that lives next door who ruined his freshly planted grass seed). He loves it when a song comes together. Rice was the team's drummer and ladies man. His good looks and charm got the band a few extra dollars per gig, if the person at the door happened to be a woman. Mark P was their mechanic and Bass player, but he also took care of mayhem and intimidation at the shows. His gold chains and frightening personality kept the band safe from unruly club owners. The final member of the Team, Kristin "Howling Mad" Edmonston, was an expert guitarist and a certified lunatic. They broke her out of a mental hospital whenever they needed her for a gig.

The unit generally keeps a low profile seeking solace watching movies like "Red Dawn" and "Failsafe". Today, still wanted by the Government, they survive as soldiers of Hardcore. If you need a good band and no one else can help and if you can find them...maybe you can hire DRAGO. If you can't find them look on the shows page genius!

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Gurley-Vocals, Rice-Drums, KDrago-Guitar, Bus Stop - Bass
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Other / Hardcore / Punk

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Boston, MA