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Jerry "Double 0" Suh is an Asian-American jazz guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer. He was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 2, 1974 and now resides in New Jersey.

Jerry has been teaching music for 6 years at a local conservatory and is currently focused on performing live in the NY metro area. Since playing his debut song, "Happy Day," at Manna's Soul Food Restaurant in Harlem, Jerry's music has drawn increasing interest from locals and has lead to introductions to other musicians, radio personalities and industry executives.

He is currently working with an industry-leading music executive to produce new tunes that are soulful, fresh and contemplative. Jerry's guitar playing is often said to be reminiscent of the stylings of the great Wes Montgomery, but when asked how he feels about the comparison, he modestly shakes his head and only says that each artist's work is unique because the individual's experience lends itself to infinite variations in expression. Wes Montgomery was one of a kind and Jerry aims to be one of a new and different kind.

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Jerry Double0 Suh
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