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"THIS TRIO HAS DELIVERED SOME OF THE BEST MUSIC THAT HAS BEEN COMPOSED IN THE LAST DECADE"Brother Ape does not rest on their laurels, and once again delivers an album in the top layer of its genre. I would even go so far as to say that this trio has delivered some of the best music that has been composed in the last decade. .

"Their best album to date. You won’t be disappointed!" 9.5/10Now this is an album I’ve been waiting for with great anticipation, having followed the band’s progress since their third album a couple of years back, and having been instantly hooked by their originality and immense talent. Now on their fifth studio album, the Swedes haven’t failed to deliver yet another class release.

“This is the best Brother Ape album yet--and, because of its consistently high content and performances, a strong contender for Top Ten of 2010. One thing this album has that previous Brother Ape albums perhaps lacked is GREAT production--sound is mixed VERY clearly (though the drums are often given a bit too much volume.) "Juggernaut Now" [8/10... ”

“With the risk of losing all credibility as a critic, as the ten ratinggrades are not enough to give this masterpiece full justice, the final grade will be a strong and convincing eleven! 10/10 (11/10) ”

"Fans of progressive rock should not miss out on this one. Superb!" Rating: 17/20

“This is an album that is jammed packed with atmosphere, urgency and some of the busiest, most infectious grooves and beats that you are ever likely to find on an album full of emotional heartfelt progressive rock.4,5/5”

“Far from metal, not so near to progressive, Brother Ape will have perhaps extremely to make to integrate the usual vaults. But for the open mind, a truth small happiness.8/10”

“That may sound strange, but believe you me..this is a killer album!! ”

“It feels like an impossible task to appoint any favorite track as they vary from day to day depending on my mood, but I can definitely designate Brother Ape - "Turbulence" (in competition with Manimal - "The Darkest Room"), to best album of the year all categories! 10/10”

“Brother Ape démontre ici qu'ils ont atteint la maturité. Les colorations diverses se marient à merveille, l'ensemble est d'une grande cohérence. Ce power trio nordique mérite toute votre attention ! 4/5 ”

“Fazit: Tolles Album. Gefällt mir doch etwas besser als das letzte Werk. Tolle Gitarrenarbeit und ideenreiche Arrangements. Weiter so. Beide Daumen hoch! 4,5 / 5 ”

“climat général hissent le trio suédois au sommet de son art. Les amateurs de Rock Progressif ne doivent passer à côté d’un tel groupe, dont l’inspiration et la modernité sont certaines. Superbe ! 17/20”

“After giving us 3 very fine albums, each with a slightly different approach they know deliver an album combining all previous Brother Ape styles…and developing it within the longer song format has taken them to this new masterpiece.””

“Also, through listening to the album, you really get the feeling that this is a band that are having fun and enjoying making their music, and they really seem to play as a band, rather than individuals with egos.8,5 / 10 ”

“The group has visibly expanded its influences, and does not seek to remain in a box.8 / 10”

“One of the main reasons for that I will appoint "III" to one of the very best releases so far this year, the band's ability to combine very skilful writing with innovative variation and ideas, and the ability to create music that is varied both in terms of song structure and feeling.9 / 10”

“Brother Ape, as they are rewriting the rules, giving progressive music a new direction without being obnoxious, angular or strange.”

“Probably this kind of music can best be described as melodic fusion, if this music does not really exist, then Brother Ape has invented it.Rating: 9 (out of 10) ”

“This superb album closes with the longest and most incredible track "On the other side" yet again reaching for a perfect blend of seventies American rock with a dash of contemporary prog. I hear elements of Saga, Yes and even Return to Forever genius and Weather Report darkness. ”

“Progress Records could have yet another great thing going with Brother Ape. Comes highly recommended to progheads who search for something new & very unique.Rating 5 / 5 ”

“Brother Ape knows how use a broad. range of styles and, in a skillful way, turn it in to something of their own. It is not neo, it is not too complex, and also not too commercial. It's the perfect mix. An awesome album!! A must have. 5 / 5 ”