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(Usbeforeme) When a King/Bro/Queen sign to Usbeforeme. You sign to be a warrior for the people of Poverty. Using Ink & Learning Paperwork as Our most powerful weapons in this Good vs evil war. We help create hood euntrepenuers helping our artist also learn the business part of the Industry. Preparing them to become future business owners creating jobs with theyre "God given Talents" it aint all about learning how to make the money. U also must learn how to control the money SHAULTBODY Is a Revolutionary trapped in The Wrong Generation but, He utilizes that same Energy of the Struggle for Self Reliance through Self Sustainability and Collective/Personal Sacrifice as the Foundation that The UsbeforemeFam Da ThugBible Movement is built upon. A Man of Principles, Character, Vision, Dignity, Growth & Development all the necessities needed to Cook, Ready Rock and Slang the TRUTH FROM THE TRUTHFUL! Blessings, My King! UMOJA! MUCH LOVE KING LEGENDARY DJKUTFATHER SANDEIGO LETS GOOO. I'am the fouder of Usbeforeme . We are the first self published authors, thats devoted to fighting the war on poverty. Check out the worlds first published Thug Bible written for Us by Us. I'am very outgoing, and Love to meet new people thats ready to travel and see, and experience new situations. I Love to do what I say I'M GONE DO. I'm very professional but also very Loving, and Love to be around very positive people. I'm just one of them fellas that like to lay back in my cadillac, and watch movies on my screens in the car, at a beach front at someones park on any givin day. Always ready to do the impossible. www.trafford.com/04-0103

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ShaultBody - Vocals, Dman Usbeforeme - Vocals, Silences Flowz - Vocals, ShaultBody - Vocals, Joqc G - Vocals, Steven Paul - Vocals, Young Exodus - Vocals, Real Bangaz - Vocals
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Hip Hop / R&B / Music fa ya soul

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Chicago, IL