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"Singer-songwriters sparked my initial interest in music. Rock n roll, country, and the music of the late 60's and early 70's were my next musical explorations. Then blues and classical slid into the mix to finish the formation of my musical foundation. Americana is the best description of the music I write and perform, a musical genre beyond definition in itself; not unlike most of us as individuals.

As for myself, I've traveled a fair amount and lived in many parts of North America. Spent most of my time in Texas and the Southern United States, but have lived as far north as Edmonton Alberta, Canada as well. Tried my hand at work ranging from manual labor to business owner, and through the years I have met a host of interesting people and shared a lot of music. All this, along with my good fortune in family and friends, are the largest part of defining who I am.

Like all of us, I'm a hodgepodge of qualities, and lack thereof in certain aspects as well; so listen to some tunes, drop a line if you are so inclined, and we'll begin to get to know each other a little better."

- Jonathan Howard

Jonathan is currently writing and performing with the duo Howard & Skye

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Jonathan Howard
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Austin, TX