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Down 'n' dirty driving guitar riffs, strong stadium vocals & tight melodies with Zep, Purple & Lizzy influences.

Formed in 2008 initially as a songwriting and recording project, British rock band New Earthlings will release a self-produced album of catchy, hooky rock songs in 2017, featuring all original material. There are 10 tracks on the album.

They have also released a charity single - a rock cover of the Doctor Who theme - in aid of The British Heart Foundation. See *** Geoff's heart attack story at the end of this bio.

Swain - vox, guitar, bass, BV
Swain has had varied musical tastes ranging from classic rock, through to drum & bass and hip hop. Whilst at university, Swain gained a taste for heavier bands such as Metallica, Killswitch Engage and System of a Down.

Geoff - guitar, BV
Geoff has been coming up with tunes since the age of nine. Self taught, first on classical guitar and then electric, Geoff has sought to combine the two and create a style all his own: the nylon-strung electric guitar.

Tony - keyboards, grand piano
Tony began playing keyboards whilst in primary school and by university had completed the ABRSM piano grades. Tony plays (amongst others) a Yamaha Motif XF8 Synth, Yamaha MOX8 Synth, and had use of the fabulous Yamaha CFX Concert Grand for the album.

Chris - drums
Christopher has played with a whole host of bands throughout Milton Keynes, Banbury, Birmingham and London. The sessions with New Earthlings were very exciting, and each track was learned on the day, with only two or three takes per song – allowing for a very natural feel to each track, and no time to overthink the parts!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Geoff, Tony and Swain.

*** Geoff's heart attack story

"Back in September 2012 I went down to London to see metal band The Good Hookers at the Water Rats in Grays Inn Road. They were all ol' pals from the Chappell of Bond Street days (including New Earthlings vocalist John Swain) and was meeting up with another ol' pal, Keyboard player Tony Salway before the gig.

We started out at an O'neil's Bar for a meal. I had experienced some chest pains earlier in the day but put it down to indigestion. At O'Neil's, however, after a rather large bacon cheeseburger & fries (!), the pains wouldn't go away. We left O'Neil's for some fresh air, but by the time we got to Leicester Square Station it was actually getting worse. Tony suggested the nearest A&E and I had to agree. We caught a taxi and after we had explained the situation the cabby waived the fare and brought us to University College Hospital, next to Euston Square. I was admitted and diagnosed with having had a small heart attack. I was keen on getting home, but they said that was too risky, so I was kept in overnight. I needed an operation to widen some blocked arteries, but one wasn't available until Monday, so I had to chill over the weekend. Hospital food isn't as bad as they say.

"The procedure is called a Cardiac Angioplasty with Stent, where a small tube (a cardiac catheter) is inserted into the main artery at the groin area, and fed through to the places narrowed by cholesterol. A tiny balloon on the end inflates a metal mesh tube called a stent, which is left in place. I had two inserted. All through this I was wide awake and was monitored by a mobile x-ray machine on a jib, controlled by a man behind a glass screen. I could see, via video monitors, my own heart beating and the stents inserted. It really was like an episode of Star Trek or Doctor Who. 21st Century keyhole surgery. After all that, I was wheeled back to the ward to recover. I was given a load of drugs including aspirin, which I'll have to take daily for the rest of my life.

"On Tuesday afternoon I was discharged and took the train home. Of course my Day Saver card had expired and I had to pay the £13 to get back (they wouldn't make an exception), but it was on a Virgin express to Manchester and only took half an hour to get to MK. Well, that's about it. I wasn't allowed allowed to drive for a month, and it's sardine salads for me from now on.

"Oh, and get your cholesterol levels checked out!"

– Geoff

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Geoff Platt - Guitar, Swain - Vocals, Tony Salway - Keyboard
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New Earthlings
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Rock / Hard Rock / Classic Rock

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Milton Keynes, BKM, UK
Geoff Platt

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