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Members: Danny: Drums, noises, miscellaneous, Eric: Guitar, vocals, noises, Tyler: bass, vocals

Manager: Eric

Bio: 12 dirty lovers reside in Pasadena, CA and have been making music for around six years. Recently released “My vomit is on fire,” a collection of six songs that the band has been playing live, features Danny on drums and Eric on vocals & guitars. All instruments were recorded live and done in the garage with a PC from 1998. The 12DL sound comes from influences such as: Pavement, Geraldine Fibbers, Talking Heads, Wipers, Dead Milkmen, DK, Oingo Boingo, Hot Snakes, and Devo.

Until recently, 12DL was without a bass player. Miss Tyler joined the duo with her crunching and furious bass lines adding a level of intensity and groove to new and old songs.

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Band Members
Danny, Tyler, Eric
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12 dirty lovers
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Punk / Indie / Alternative

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Pasadena, CA