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‘Gatha Princess’
Sinisha Legatha Thompson (born June 22nd, 1981 to Newton and Alicia Thompson), carries the stage name ‘Gatha Princess’ and is well known by family and friends as ‘Nisha’. She is a Bahamian singer and songwriter with many other talents (dancing, designing, sewing, decorating, cooking, drawing, hair braiding and weaving). Born and raised in Nassau, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, she began singing at a very early age. She was first exposed to singing and dancing in front of an audience, at the age of 6 during a Christmas concert at her home church. ‘Gatha’ loves God, her daughter, her parents, her sisters and brothers, her family, her dogs, and of course Music.

As she grew, music became a part of her life and she enjoyed learning music and the musical instruments during summer camps at church and only church. A few years later, while in grade 4 in Primary School; she approached her music teacher and asked if she could join the school choir. The teacher asked her to sing one of her favorite songs and she began to sing, “Jesus loves the little children”. Her teacher then gave her a solo part to perform. After her performance, the Vice Principal, Mr. Albert Clarke Jr. planted some fertilizing words in her heart “Doesn’t she sound like a beautiful Hummingbird”. Those words have been the fuel for ‘Gatha’ to press forward no matter what obstacles she may face.

While at that school, she remained in the choir, participated in school plays, and always worked at her talents. She went onto High School, took up music, began writing poems, experienced being a cheerleader for 2 years, joined the schools pantomime dance group, and she won 2nd place in the Miss S.C. McPherson Pageant in grade 11 where she used her talents of singing and dancing. To begin saving for the career that she knew would cost much to start, she began working, making gift baskets at the age of 14.

During that same year, she and her family went on a trip to California (visiting an uncle), and she and two of her other cousins were all planning on how they wanted to form a singing group. While there, their uncle informed them that one of his tenants was an upcoming artist. Their excitement grew, but they did not know what to do to make things happen; thus, their dream was packed away. Nevertheless, ‘Gatha’ never gave up on showcasing her talent. Each and every occasion was an opportunity for her to be heard or to be heard on behalf of others. Whether weddings, funerals, concerts, or festivals; she took those opportunities to share her talents.

Years passed, and still, she desired to share her God given talents; however, for her to live comfortably, she not only had to attend college, but she also had to work harder to support her and her unborn child. At the age of 19, she gave birth to her daughter, which only added to her burning desire of accomplishing her goals. The year after she had her daughter, she applied for the Miss Gospel Bahamas, but was denied because she was a single parent. She wanted to give up, but later she gained some hope as she obtained a scholarship to study at the College of the Bahamas. She did not study music as she would have preferred, but she had to choose a subject that was well respected in her home. In this regard, she would have been a very successful architect as drawing was one of her talents. Yet, somehow, she allowed situations to cloud her mind and she married at the age of 21 with hopes to spread her wings and move higher. Her decision, as many would describe it, was as if she was committing suicide, but ‘Gatha’ looks at that chapter in her life as another brick that was added on to the completion of her mansion.

One of her 1st radio appearances was her fist jingle which was done for 98.3 the Breeze in Exuma. Her first released song “Blind by Emotions” was listed as number 5 on the radio charts in the Bahamas, it was written due to the experiences she faced during her marriage. Still moving forward, she continued to work, but she also continued to sing. This young lady was passionate about singing. Four years after her divorce she remarried. She encountered similar obstacles, but always found a way to find songs from her situation. Over the years she has written stories, poems, and songs; all waiting to be unveiled. In her heart she knew that her day would come, she knew that with passion, perseverance, hard work, and dedication she would be able to reach her next destination. Even though this young lady has been married twice, she has decided to fight harder for another chance to obtain the desires of her heart.

‘Gatha’ has recorded songs with Willard Cunningham, Shanton Gray, Maitland Thompson, and Ira Storr Sr. (Backyard Recording, Bahamas). She came 3rd on the Bahamas Got Talent TV show in 2007/8. She won 2nd place prize at a work function singing her starter song “Blind by Emotions” which she officially released in 2011. She performed that song and a few others (Call Me Over Baby, and Regatta come again) at the Exuma Regattas and she performed ‘Crabfest’ at the Andros 2012 Crabfest.

She presently uses her talents as means of supplying their financial needs. With the help of friends and family, she is surviving.

In November, 2012, ‘Gatha’ was selected to perform at the Coast 2 Coast industry Mixer in Miami through the internet and won 1st place prize – seehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YIPhiZldRJw . She has since been invited to make a music video for her song and is presently working with her producer on other songs for her album. She was number 1 on ReverbNation from Jan 2013 for four months straight and has remained above number 4 on the charts since.

‘Gatha Princess’ knows that she and her daughter will reach their goals as long as they continue to trust in God. She knows that without God, the miracles in her life would not have happened.

Her belief: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

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