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Born a native of Cambridge, Maryland performing under the name Yonnie D.R.U.G.S Aka Do right under gods sight , making a negative past into a positive future. The name stemming from a past over coming many addictions which created stories that are not only true but inspiring. With lyrics such as” I never claim to be something I’m not, in every situation I face I give it all that I got and if not, I’m still giving, when life get tough im a keep right on living, man enough is enough, it might be some things that I haven’t quite figured out yet, but I figure I keep figuring until I’m correct ,no regrets it aint changing see my past is my past, wouldn’t change it if I could see it made my path every mistake that I make I’m a learn from nobody’s perfect” (first verse from Fam Around ME). Yonnie D.R.U.G.S brings a unique flavor to the hip-hop community by using positive lyrics that contain minimal explicit lyrics, and music that can incorporate a variety of listeners from teens to middle age patrons. With that being said I invite you to listen to several of my tracks, and hopes of being able to get some type of exposure.

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