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Iron Core Banned is a hard rock band whose passion and dedication is what brings out the music. It takes the whole bands input to create great music not just one person. We are a high energy band live as well as in the studio. Come check us out.

Todd Paul~ Drums~ I always found the drummers the one to watch in bands, the energy, the speed and hell you get to bang the shit out of stuff. At a young age I picked up a set of sticks and never looked back. When Kiss Alive! came out and I saw the big kit Peter Criss was playing I said that’s for me. I played in a couple of cover bands in the late 70s and then played with Tempest thru the 80s. I took a brake then was asked to play with Losing Patients, then started Iron Core Banned. We became well known in the tri- states. A couple of band members departed and now replaced, we are back out in your face. Hope to catch you at a show.~ peace

Charlie Marotta ~Bass~ Started playing guitar at age 10 after my Uncle Joe showed me KissAlive! I started playing bass at age 17.My Uncle Jerry helped me start my career in music and thanks to him I had the best years of my life playing in many bands and enjoying playing in front of a lot of people. I could't have done it without the help of both of them. Influenced by 70's hard rock, I went on to play with Cruella Duvelle and Frosbite. I like to use Fender fretted and frettless basses and Ampeg bass amp.

Guitar- Mike Reid ~ Mike hails from Pittsburgh, Pa. Mike has played and performed with various hard rock and metal groups throughout the 80's and 90's. Most notably Azra/Ironworks recording artist Persia being one of them. Early influences include but are not limited to Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch and Randy Rhoads. Michael plays exclusively Gibson Les Paul and Ibanez RG Series guitars combined with Marshall Amplification.

John St. John~ Vocals- I come from a musical background. My father before me was a vocalist in the 1950s I recall as a kid my father getting me and my brothers and sisters together sit us all down and would sing to us . It stayed with me and Ihave played in many projects and with great players,all who helped me to find myself and where I fit in as an artist.and I thank them all .My influances are wide spread and I've learned something from all of them.Such as Steve Perry,Dio,Jeff Tate,Ray Gillen,Ray Adler,Dave Coverdale etc...I believe Iron Core Banned consists of a group of stars orbiting together to create the iron core that we are,and the music is testiment to that. Expect great things from us~ see yous' out there '.......
Thanks for your support!

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Todd Paul- Drums, Charlie Marotta- Bass, Mike Reid- Guitar, John St.John -Vocals
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Iron Core Banned
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Columbia, NJ