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NICKNAMES: Matty Mayhem, Matthew j. Mejia, Matty Moombootoo, Matty Metropolis, Matty Man Panties, Matty Mayonaise, Matty Musterd Seed, Matty Matt the Fat Fat Water Rat,Matty Munchkinland, Matty Marvelous, Mashin Monster, Matty Moonboots, Matty Moco, Matty Melanoma, Matty Motor Cycle Helmet, Matty Migrant Farmer, Matty Mountain Girl, Mateo Majeo, and Matt

AGE: 25

EMAIL: matt@csmdp.com

GAMER TAG: MattyMoombootoo (XBox)

MUSICAL HISTORY: Hallowed, Soul Denied, Jim Jones Jamboree

BEST/FAVORITE BANDS: Tom Waits, Meshuggah, The Haunted, Joe Cocker, The Band, Taraf De Hodouk, Buena Vist Social Club, Gogol Bordello, Dax Riggs, Agents of Oblivion.

BEST/FAVORITE MOVIES: The Young Frankenstein, Bill Cosby Himself, One Flew Over the CooKoo's Nest, There Will Be Blood, Shindlers List, Raging Bull, Blazing Saddles, Carlin on Campus, George Carlin live at Carnage Hall.

BEST/FAVORITE BOOKS: Anything by Charles Buckowski, The Preacher, Watchmen.


STRENGHTS: Sleeping, Eating, Shitting, Scumbaggery.

WEAKNESSES: Work, Calculus, Farming, The Stock Market, Gymnastic, Spanish, English, and Walking.

EXALTED ALLIES (people, celebrities, musicians, authors that you think are A OK): Charles Buckowski, Winston Churchill, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Cosby.

VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED FOES (motherfuckers who you wish would just fucking die already): Roy Martinez, Martin Johanson, Ray Herod, Dave Thomas, Shane Ovesny, Mike Mejia, Sean Martinez, Matt the fat fat water rat, jesus Diana Munoz Santa Clause.

QUOTE: "You fucking liar. I never said help us" Liquor store Clerk in From Dust Till Dawn.

FAVORITE WAY TO DIE: Heroicly while saving my family from a sinking battle ship.

MISCELLANOUS: Everything i have just stated is a lie.

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