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When I was growing up in Greenville, South Carolina we had a piano in the living room. I liked to figure out how to play the melodies I heard around me. Songs from the radio, my Dad's records, Sunday school, regular school, the jingles from commercials on TV. I made up little songs and tried to learn and sing songs all the time. I'm pretty sure it drove my sister crazy. Pretty sure because I know I would do it on purpose sometimes. It was after receiving a degree in Music Therapy from Loyola University New Orleans that I realized song writing was a part of me that no other creative outlet could replace. Writing my beautifully weird little songs brought me joy. Brings me joy.
In 2004 I started Clide vs Crocodiles. The solo act joined with many guest musicians. Some staying with the project for years. (Thank you David Levy) There were tours and home studio recordings and croclidescopes. Many wonderful people helped with the recording. www.myspace.com/clidevscrocodiles I spent about 6 years in the bay area in California. During those years David and I teamed up with songwriter Tom Purtill to create Paper Crocodiles. www.myspace.com/papercrocodiles We had a great time playing shows for our friends and more touring all around the country. Then that thing that happens to the best of songwriters/musicians happened. A long stint of writers block and a good ol' case of tendonitis. So, I moved back to South Carolina, took care of my arms and made some wonderful new friends. We started a super fun old time/old jazz band playing traditional songs. The Cricket Kickers was a refreshing treat. Playing fun songs with great musicians and no pressure of songwriting. I missed it but I knew I couldn't force it. Last summer I went back to the west coast. This time I went north to the San Juan Islands, WA and worked an artist/music residency at the wonderful and encouraging camp, Four Winds * Western Ho. I taught song writing and instruments building to kids ages 9-15. This beautiful place and motivating environment was the boost I needed to finally break that songwriting slump. (I returned this summer)
This year I recorded a full length studio recording of old favorites and new songs in Greenville. It was quite the adventure with Sit-n-Spin Studios, a group of super talented musicians, beautiful artwork (Thank you Davey Morgan), over 80 sponsors including the Metropolitan Arts Counsel and again touring... and writing.

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Lynne Holcombe
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Greenville, SC

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