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1989: The formation of Polluted Inheritance takes place in August 1989. When Sacrament brakes up, two ex members, Friso van Wijck and Menno de Fouw join forces with the ex members Ronald Camonier and Erwin Wesdorp of Pollution. With Friso on drums, Menno on bass and Erwin and Ronald as guitarists they form a new band. 1990: Polluted Inheritance is born, but has no vocalist. At the beginning of 1990 the band finds the right voice in Jean-Paul Hoorman. Polluted Inheritance records and releases two rehearsel tapes. 1991: Exactly a year after the formation of Polluted Inheritance the band releases it’s first demo. It’s the six- track studio demo “Afterlife”. It immediately gains respect from the underground scene and it gets Polluted Inheritance sign a contract with West Virginia Records. At the same time the band is represented on the 4th DSFA compilation cd “No Control... About Your Feelings”. And on the West Virginia Records compilation cd “Cries Of The Unborn” Polluted Inheritance is represented with five out of their six “Afterlife” tracks. 1992: Jean-Paul leaves the band due to personal circumstances. The leaving of their singer doesn’t affect the inspiration to make great music. The foursome continues to make strong, aggressive and technical death metal. Guitarist ronald becomes the new singer and in September 1992 they record their first long play album “Ecocide”. Unfortunately the support of West Virginia Records after the release of “Ecocide” is minimal. Shortly after the release the record company goes bankrupt. Although the band has to suffer several set backs these can’t affect the creativity and enthusiasm. A year after their underground breakthrough Polluted Inheritance concentrates on writing new compositions and songs. Aggression. Drama. Morbidity. Confusion. Despair. These are themes brought into life throughout strong, complex and unorthodox music. Although the band has developed it’s style through the years, they didn’t do any compromises nor did they get influenced by trends or hypes. Polluted Inheritance stands for creative death metal with a progressive sound. 1994: In april 1994 the band produces a new demo. The job is done in less then ten hours... main goal of “Demo 94” is to get the attention of record companies. In a review of Dutch metal magazine Aardschok “Demo 94” is proclaimed demo of the month. And thanks to the demo Polluted Inheritance is represented on the 6th DSFA compilation cd “Paradise Of The Underground” which is distributed worldwide. Sodom. Antropomorphia. Phlebotomized. Sick Of It All. Ancient Rites. Sadist. Gorefest. Deadhead. Suffocation. Chemical Breath. Acrostichon. The Gathering. S.O.B. These are bands Polluted Inheritance played with on several stages in and outside the Netherlands through the years. 1996: In 1996 Polluted Inheritance signs a contract with record company DSFA. In April of this year the second album is released. “Betrayed” shows the musical progression the band has made during the years. The music is in line with the style on “Demo 94”, but definitely shows more depth in lyrics and musical capability. At the end of this year the band starts a tour as support act of Dutch band Orphanage. During this tour the band proves to itself and the public that it has a good live reputation. After “Betrayed” was released the band had to deal with a huge setback: DSFA didn’t give the band the right support. The record label lost interest in Polluted Inheritance because their music was too “complex and not saleable”. The band refused to do any (musical) concessions to keep their contract and the result was a break-up between the band and the label. In the years after this next disappointment Polluted Inheritance focused on developing it’s music and writing new songs. Over the years they performed several times. But main goal was to take time for themselves and to create even better music. january 2001: At the beginning of this year Polluted Inheritance releases its third cd. “Into Darkness” is produced under own management. A serious promotion on stage becomes a problem when bass player Menno de Fouw decides to leave the band. spring 2001 In april Menno has his last performance at De Piek in Vlissingen. A month later the new bass player is introduced on the band’s website. Steven Vrieswijk will replace Menno. The band uses the spring of 2001 to introduce Steven and their music to each other. july 2001: Canadian record company GWN (Great White North) is interested in Polluted Inheritance and the two parties meet. Meanwhile another record company, Rokarola shows it’s interest. After a few meetings with the two record companies Polluted Inheritance chooses to sign with the Belgian Rokarola. november 2001: “Into Darkness” is in store. In Holland as well as in several European countries. This third cd is appreciated by fans and critics. The last can be proved by the marks “Into Darkness” got in different magazines. Aardschok valued the cd with a 8.5. To promote the cd the band performs on different stages in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Until 2009, after a year of inactivity on stage, Polluted decided to call it quits...
The lack of time to rehearse and write.

Over the years polluted inheritance had proved to itself, the public and critics that it stands for believing in it’s own creativity and qualities. Concessions were never an option and although the themes may have changed over the years the music over all is still the strong “polluted sound”.

But wait.... Although split up, Polluted is ready to re-release Ecocide... at last.
On Februari 26 2013, Ecocide will see the light of day again on both c.d. and vinyl. There will be a Betrayed re-release on bioth c.d. and vinyl aswell in the near future!

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Ronald Camonier-Guitars&Vocals, Erwin Wesdorp-Guitars, Friso van Wijck-Drums, Steven Vrieswijk-Bass
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Polluted Inheritance
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Metal / Death-metal

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Terneuzen, NL

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