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Understanding humanity means opening up to humanity. Understanding humanity means absorbing as much knowledge as you can from your fellow humans, who are in this together with us. Some catch on to the varying deceitful measures taken to control them from an early age. Others may discover it later in life. And some, well... Some never do.
Twin 55 would like to show you what our eyes have been opened to over the years. We're not asking you to think in the manner in which we do. We would simply like you to think. We believe in community, unity, and equality for two reasons; the passion for self-expression, and spreading the message that "we are all in this together". Positive change comes about when we can close the great divide. We see no flags, borders, race, religion, or sexual orientation. We simply see other humans trying to survive.
The band started in the summer of 2012 and we have evolved a great deal from then to present day. Our sound derives from our vast influences ranging from punk, rock & roll, hardcore, melodic metal, and everything in between. With punk music being our common ground, we add a versatile take on it by fusing the angst of street punk, a nostalgic feel, and melodic riffs while spreading what we feel is an important message.
We've been though some member changes and various positive and negative elements in life, things that have contributed to shaping who and what we are throughout the last two years. Our live shows are filled with high energy and high emotion. Have you ever left a show feeling that you wanted it to happen all over again? That's the feeling we want to leave with our dedicated fans and new listeners. Finding a more personal connection with our fans is easy. Just like them, we are four guys from small towns in and around the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area, and our whole-hearted passion for music is what we have to offer.
At times, you may think and feel differently than what you've been taught. Trust us when we say you're not alone. Speak up and keep asking the hard questions because remember, we are all in this together.

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Brock-Guitar & Vocals, Luke-Bass & Vocals, John-Drums & Vocals, Ringer-Guitar & Vocals
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Twin 55
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Northampton, PA

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