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If I could stop time and catch my breath, would it matter, or am I destined to play the fool...

V.O.W. is a group of musicians dating back to the 1990's. Spawning from a variety of rock, alternative, and metal; V.O.W. has grown into a sound all its own. With a raw, heavy groove, and a squealing guitar they break through the “norm” and deliver something unusual in their depth. The best fit in the modern genre is Alternative Metal or Hard Rock/Metal.

“We have fought long and hard with each other and with the perception of what a band should be", says guitarist Steve Erxleben. “It doesn't happen often that four guy’s find the strength and commitment to do something they love for this long and still keep jamming!” Steve's melodic and hard-hitting grove is the driving force behind the bands writing. It starts with him.

V.O.W. just recently released their 1st full-length album called “Shadows”. A year and a half in the making, Shadows stands alone as another stepping-stone in the life of this band. “Shadows" contains killer songs that we went back to time and time again. It's some of the best work we've produced and we only keep getting better!” says drummer Rob Wiethop. Once Steve starts a riff, Rob's rock-based drums and double kick sets the time. This provides a solid foundation for the bass and vocal.

Bassist Jay Maltzman exclaims, “We've played Pop's, Cicero's, Gators, charity events, and other gigs around town. It's time we took things to the next level! This recording will provide us with the fuel we need to get our sound out there and into MP3 players!” As the third section of this quartet, Jay comes in with a bass that fills the room with THUNDER!

In early 2010 V.O.W. interviewed on an internet radio show, “The Hill Billy Logic Show”. The show featured their EP called “Forgotten”. The Hill Billy’s liked them so much that they kept the songs in rotation and could not wait for more. After getting noticeable response from the show's listeners, they decided to make the leap and record their 1st full album. “Every bump in the road brings more emotion out in our music! Every time we seem stuck in a rut, another song hits us like a freight train and we are back in. Some guys get together and watch sports. Some guys get together and play poker. We JAM! It's what we are made for,” says vocalist Joe Kollar. As the final piece of this band, Joe steps in with his unique lyrics and venomous melody that brings together the sound called V.O.W.!

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Joe Kollar Vocals Steve Erxleben Guitar Mike Appelbaum Guitar Jay Maltzman Bass Rob Wiethop Drums
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Rock / Metal / Heavy Metal

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St. Louis, MO