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Elizabeth Thorp is an up and coming Singer/Songwriter of the Northern Michigan area. She mixes her soulful voice with her captivating piano melodies and powerful lyrics to create music that mirrors artists such as Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor and Amy Stroup. She has been performing music since a very young age whether it be for her family, with other musicians, or on local solo gigs. I write music more as a need then anything else. Music helps me find clarity, reawaken. I want my music to connect people, make them feel something beyond themselves. Make them see images and memories from their past. Give them a feeling that beyond any doubt, despite what may be happening that day, that everything will be alright.
When I write music, I go more based on feeling and where the song needs to take me. I may not know where I want to go, but I can hear how I want to get there. The piano is my favorite extension of myself; I also like to use the cello and voice as well. I like to surprise people. I like to make music that uses things you wouldn’t normally use; wind-chimes, or creaky floorboards. Using sounds that are tied to memories. As an artist we are there to help decipher the chaos and restore the simplicity and the beauty we are sharing the truths that much of the world has forgotten. We're that one constancy, we're always there to show the world the beauty and darkness that this world is capable of. I always turn to nature for inspiration, her simple things that make the world so much brighter; a sunrise that turns the tops of the forest an orangey purple hue, or the lone tree in a field. It’s in her(nature’s) daily magic that I can hear sounds starting to form and melodies that follow. Music always challenges you; it makes you go one step further, to go deeper. I love the challenge music brings, it makes you realize things about yourself, it scares you, but it helps you find clarity. I want to continually be evolving in sound, discovering more sounds and different ways of making sound. Ever expanding, experiencing and learning, more about myself and music. Forever going on journeys and transporting the listeners along with me. I never want to be stagnant.

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Elizabeth Thorp
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Singer Songwriter / Alternative

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Petoskey, MI

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