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Paul Freeman is the frontman for Bay Area indie-rock band romper. He wrote all the songs for their debut album, “Sifting Through The Rubble” and co-produced with Adam Rossi (Luce, Megan Slankard, Brad Wolfe). Guest harmonies came from Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals), Wendy Flower (Wendy & Bonnie) and Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab).

Musicians included Paul Freeman, lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Gawain Mathews, lead guitar (Mickey Hart Band, Ben Lee, Tim Hockenberry); Ezra Lipp, drums and percussion (Kacey Johansing, Sean Hayes, Huckle, Brett Dennen); Paul Olguin, electric and acoustic bass (Mary Wells, Victor Krummenacher, Bob Weir, Mazzy Star, Maria Muldaur); Savannah Jo Lack, electric and acoustic violin (Alanis Morissette, Rod Stewart, Ruth Gerson); Adam Rossi, keyboards; and Joe Cohen, saxophone, clarinet (Thomas Dolby, Jazz Mafia, Pamela Rose).

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“The sounds wanders from space Bowie through Reed alternative to Morricone shoegaze each style subtly daubed in the paints of the instruments as the lyric holds centre stage to the carefully composed and orchestrated pieces. That isn’t to say that this is a major theatrical production, far from it, there is a genuine emotional anxiety which holds the core of the out-fit that is Romper."

“We were immediately drawn to this band and album. Imagine mixing some elements from My Dad Is Dead with other elements from The Velvet Underground...then mix them around and add some sedatives...and you might begin to get an idea of what's going on here. This is a true underground album created first and foremost from inspiration. The man behind the music is a fellow in Pacifica, California named Paul Freeman. This man's moody, slightly obtuse pop will be embraced by fans of the underground...while probably confusing for folks who exist on a lower level of consciousness. We can't help but dig peculiar songs like "Road To Ruin," "One of the Wanted," "The Neighborhood," and "Contemplating Suicide." Interesting stuff that offers a uniquely different perspective..."

“Largely the project of singer/songwriter/screenwriter/music journalist Paul Freeman, the album takes a humorous look at the end of the world while playing hopscotch with genres along the way. Picking up pieces of indie rock, metal, jazz, and electro-pop, there’s enough experimentation to suggest just how capable Romper are as a newly formed band. Opening song “Road To Ruin” combines a ghostly organ with a jazz-fusion as Freeman offers up commentary as to what’s driving our society to an impending doomsday. On “Corporation Nation,” the understated metal crunch gives the song a ballsy edge. “By the time you awaken / They would have taken / Your soul”, sings Freeman on “Invasion of the Pod People” that pays homage to the Body Snatcher movies with a grinding guitar riff and some sci-fi spook. .The band keeps their riffs very understated, even though it sounds as if they could blast out the speakers. Their choice of restraint leads to a more mature sound, recalling the likes of classic rock bands like Bad Company and Blue Oyster Cult. Romper is a bit more experimental than those bands, and their songwriting is very witty at times with Paul Freeman even sounding like Stephin Merritt [Magnetic Fields] occasionally... “Sifting Through The Rubble” is an entertaining look at the end of the world."

Freeman has written numerous rock, pop, folk and jazz songs. Also a screenwriter and film/music journalist, he co-wrote the theme song for Project Wee Care, a non-profit organization that involves children in helping the homeless. He created numerous songs for Wendy Flower’s (Wendy & Bonnie) children’s CD, “Flower Power,” as well as her soon-to-be-released “New” album.

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Paul Freeman guests Gruff Rhys, Laetitia Sadier, Wendy Flower; Gawain Mathews, Ezra Lipp, Paul Olguin, Adam Rossi, Savannah Jo Lack, Joe Cohen
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Alternative / indie rock pop

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Pacifica, CA

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