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Fresh Sound - Iván Rguez.
Sound Fresh Recording.

Audiovisual Producer / DJ.
Betting on electronic music since the 90's.
Works with all styles of music.
Dj/Pro Turntables Scratch Hi LeveL.
(c) DMC Spain (Canary Islands).


Ep`s Mixes:

House (10). Tech House (9).
Progressive House (8). Deep House (4).
Breaks (1). Chill Out (1). DJ Tools (1).
Electro House (1). Minimal (1). Techno (1).

2008 - 2012.



e-Ibiza Digital Récords.
Suma Récords. - 76 Recordings. - 3Star Deluxe.
3Star Muzik. - BWG Records. - Hugh Recordings.
Unison Recordings. - Wavecollective Records.

Fresh Sound - Iván Rguez.

2012 (Spain - Canary Island)

(c) Sound Fresh Recording


Objetivos Cumplidos.

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Trabajar con los profesionales.

Cumplir un sueño.

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Editar tu propia música.
Compartir con el mundo.

Lo mejor de todo, que los objetivos cumplidos, sin coste alguno,
todo es posible, solo debes buscar la manera.

Por eso aquí os dejamos un link donde descargar música gratis.
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This veteran music producer, began to enroll and show great interest in electronic sound mixing and, in 1989. The Mega Mixes seal MAX MUSIC mixed by Toni Peret and JOSÉ M ª Castells, prompting him to create their own mixes, test sounds and mess with your body and mind in the world of electronic music, buy his first turntables and vinyl, with eager to try new blends, hear sounds that reach us from London with these serious that surround you, pleasantly powerful as FRESH, which is acquiring ease and experience after a long period of practice in front of the dishes. With help from his friends, begins to roll down different events occurring to know musically, their good professional show, demonstrating a high level of (turntablism) the art of creating music combined the table, phono and vinyls, without headphones, an art of audio visual spectacle, the sound and the hands move in a coordinated dance spectacular results in a magical melody, full of sound and SCRATHESS; Another art in the form of noise generated by tearing the needle to the groove of the vinyl. FRESH began as a producer in 2000 in the company of MISAEL RODRIGUEZ (DJ Michy) joined their wits and created Enemy Of The Noise, became a popular group on the electronic scene in the Canary Islands, Old Skool and Drum Bass 90's, Endemic stamped Records and affter Club Tenerife, creators of the record label that released his first CD Compilation: Drum & Bass Vol 1 Power in the Year 2001, the second Vol Independent Life Vol 2/2002, and then Move Vol Drum . 3 edited by Glass Music. Madrid, This is what won her career even more and Fresh to come to share the booth with DJs and producers from the likes of Mike Finn, Bizzy B, DJ HYPE, Subfocus, Pendulum, CRAZY B DMC 2002, DMC CUTMASTERSWIFFT 89. Disco Mix Club & Level Records presented at the 1st Canary Championship DMC DJs From Mr. Raul (DJ SEAGULL) was the one who brought this world-class competition to the Canaries. FRESH stay in the top 5 of the Canary Islands. In 2008 the company Planet House through seal 76 Recording FRESH SOUND you to edit the first EP Digital Music Acid House Christmas EP, with remixes by MIKE MONTANO 2008, goes on sale at major download portals like Beatport, DJTUNES, iTunes, and much more., then edit the EP Soft - Chill Out & Deep House, continuing with the label E-Ibiza Digital Records of the Lord OSCAR CANO and Dario Nunez, went on sale the EP No More Business with DCBN Remixes 2010, Mucho Gusto EP BERNARDO NOVAES
Also released with the stamp to Unison Recording, stamped Wavecollective Mr. FRANK GARCIA, and currently edits the FRESH SOUND Record Label SUM PITTI LUIS and ALEX ROQUE. Names of some issues edited, So Many Time, The Song Remixes, Everybody Sing, Wel Come to the Club .... is the SUM Last edited by EP with Remixes by LUIS Records PITTI.

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Fresh Sound
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Electronica / Electronic, House, Drum&Bass, Chill Out, Reggae, H

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santa cruz de california, CA