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In a style that combines the magic of 80’s music with the healing power of a singer/songwriter music and everything in between, Yuli presents a variety of musical flavors. Equipped with a long list of covers and originals, she brings heart into every song with sentimental, often simplistic lyrics and beautiful melodies. As Robert, one of the Asheville’s music scene patrons puts it on a wonderfully written Bessie Smith’s post card, “Your music touches many!” She has played numerous venues one of which includes an amazing concert hall in Orlando, FL, the Timucua Arts White House. Concerts at the Timucua Arts White House are scheduled about a year in advance, therefore, it had been a dream venue to play for at least a couple of years before it came to fruition. Sleeping Moon Café, Dandelion Communitea Café, Twisted Vine, RG Brewski’s, Holly’s & Dolly’s, White Cup Coffeehouse, Taste Restaurant, Finn’s, The Silly Grape, Maxine’s and also the Deland Original Music Festival are just some of the other venues that Yuli have played in Florida, but she has also played music nationwide along the coast sides of California; New York City; Denver, Colorado; Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee; Historic Saint Augustine, Florida; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Tulsa, Oklahoma and more.

Obviously a very gypsy like spirit, she was born in Russia and moved to the states as a child attending middle school in New York City and then High School in South Florida. She attended college in North Florida, Chicago and spend most of her college time in Central Florida. Yuli’s a classically trained singer who majored in voice and piano as her second instrument. She picked up the ukulele a little bit after graduating Valencia College and she has completely fell in love with the instrument. Even though, she started out writing her music on piano, after picking up the ukulele she wrote numerous songs on tenor ukulele and the ukulele have carried her through a lot of turmoil in her own personal life. Composing songs on the ukulele have helped her to emerge as a songwriter from the melancholy song writing to more messages of hope and healing with still relatable lyrics, but happier, brighter tones. As one of the songs that she oftentimes plays live says “….sooner or later we all learn:

You can't find true love until you know your own self!

And when you do if it’s meant for you, it'll be there.

But rushing and pushing will only stray you away from what's really meant to come.” A message that reminds us that we must love ourselves first before we have any love to give to the world or a romantic partner. While her older songs like “No Candy” poke fun at dysfunctional relationships with lyrics like “I always stick to my word how dare you demand more…..You think that the jar is full when it needs time to refill….You want lots of candy from my store, got more than you need, but I won’t give you any if you’re acting like a little boy….No candy here for you…”. By the way if you listen to the recording of this song on her reverb nation account you will hear a beautiful saxophone played by Olivia Shipp, drums by Alex Anderson and bass played by Paul Sanders.

Most of her recordings were done in sunny Florida’s Full Sail University’s studios and quite a few were recorded at Valencia College. If you are also interested in hearing some more of her cover songs, then you can hear a great live recording of “Stay” by Rhianna and Mikky Ekko on her sound cloud: www.soundcloud.com/yuliya-johnson/stay-rhianna-mikky-ekko-yuli07-track-7. Reverb nation is a great place to get a taste of her original work as well as band camp for even more originals: www.reverbnation.com/yulijohnson, www.yuli.bandcamp.com. Also, one of her most recent projects include a duo, Folkalachian Soul - which features great Appalachian percussion on the chicken coop and the washboard by Willaye for such a musical treat please visit https://www.reverbnation.com/folkalasoul and https://soundcloud.com/folkasoul. You will find classic cover songs such as Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools” and Bob Marley’s “Is this love” on the Folkalachian Soul’s sound cloud. Yuli hopes to record a new album at least every winter. Currently you might see her play on the streets of Asheville, North Carolina where she calls home. Asheville has one of the most vibrant music scenes in the nation. She has appeared on WPVM 103.7 FM THE VOICE OF ASHEVILLE and you can find snippets of that on you tube. Also, she has played some of her songs on a Rollins College Independent station in Winter Park, Florida.

Whether Yuli’s walking by a river and writing break up songs such as “Paint My Own Picture” or happy ones like “Stay with me”, or drawing pictures just for fun; she will keep making music in the name of love, peace, freedom, and understanding! Yuli graduated from Valencia College in East Orlando with a degree in voice performance. She was recognized in the Singing Competition for the National Association of Teachers of Singing. "Whether accompanying herself on keyboard or ukulele, Singer-songwriter Yuli Johnson brings a whimsical yet earthy, folk-like quality to her original songs, as well as a fresh newness to the cover songs she performs! Most of her music is upbeat, lifting the spirit and providing a wonderfully fun experience for her audiences!" - Alan Gerber, Associate Professor and Voice Trainer at Valencia College. Outside of singing, Yuli enjoys studying music and coming up with more new song ideas. Song messages that are healing in nature are also in her future: songs that encourage you to reach for the moon even if you know you might only reach a star.

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