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Mortality. For many of us on planet Earth the realisation that one day we will die is hard for us to accept. But death is inevitable. Some of us turn to religion, some suppress the fears and feelings about death with the aid of drugs and alcohol, some keep busy with life to avoid thinking about it, and some of us write our thoughts down in poems and lyrics to help cope and maybe find some answers. Most of us fall under one of these categories or something similar.
I have battled depression for over 20 years and one of the things that can bring me down is trying to come to terms with my own mortality. So Ive used music and at times drugs and alcohol to deal with it. The answer? I have few answers but many questions.
Maybe one of the many religions has the answer, but I doubt it. I may eventually choose one to follow later in life but, at the risk of offending the believers out there, I find most a bit farfetched and too old to have much relevance today. Having said that, some certainly have their place in our society and for those that it works for, Im really happy for you. I personally see too many negatives with religion especially all the wars over the years fought In the name of God. I think we all know deep down what is right and wrong and dont need a book to tell us. Am I an atheist? No. Im not rejecting the concept of some sort of God (Ive certainly talked to him on occasion) but until he talks back the jury is still out. Two things I normally try to avoid talking about are religion and politics because it normally ends in pointless arguments so Ill leave it at that.
Most important in my life is the love from family and friends without whom I probably would have shuffled off this mortal coil. Love is probably the one thing that keeps many of us fighting on.
About my music. I mainly write songs as a form of therapy for my depression but I hope that other people will get some sort of pleasure from listening to it as well. Some songs are about depression and even suicide, but some are also about overcoming the problems life throws at us, made to inspire others. Hopefully people will see the positives in my music and enjoy it for what it is. All I ask is that you give it a chance and not judge my music on just one song. All my songs have a slightly different feel and theme. So try listening to as many as you can. Most of all just enjoy it.

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