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It was a summer that would change everything for me, but I had no clue my entire world was about to shift. I was 15, and I'd just met Wayne, aka Dillema. We became fast friends and started hanging out all the time. Dillema could rap like nobody's business, and I wanted to be a part of the music he was making, so I started making beats for him.
I eventually began purchasing equipment so I could record his songs. I had a keyboard I made beats on, multitrack recorder and a microphone set up in my room in my parents' basement. I was becoming more and more passionate about music, and Dillema was so inspiring when he rhymed, I just had to try for myself. I asked him to teach me how to rap and he took me under his wing, showing me the fundamentals of how to write lyrics.
I started rhyming with verses he would write for me and I learned to develop rhythm and flow. I was getting good at delivering the verses, but I felt conflicted because inside, I knew I still didn't really have the confidence to write my own lyrics. One day some of Dilemna's friends came down and they wanted to record a song. They were pretty dope at rhyming, so I wanted to get on the track with them.
I asked Dillema if he could write me a verse. He told me I should just write it myself, because <a href="http://www.prophicmusic.com/?p=70" target="_blank">I was good enough now,</a> and I just needed to believe in myself. So, I wrote my first verse on my own and I loved how it came out! I got so excited, I started writing all the time. I loved figuring out different rhyme schemes, and rhythmic patterns, and trying out new ways to rhyme words. Writing became an all out obsession.
By the time I was 18, I knew I wanted to become successful as a professional hip hop artist. Hip hop was my passion, and I knew I could make it if I put my heart into it. Although I put so much time and energy into my music, after a while I began to get discouraged. It was as if people just wouldn't take the time to listen to what I had to say, no matter how many different ways I tried to say it.
I ended up getting married and having two kids and it seemed like I would never realize my dreams or my potential.
Then one day, I connected with an old friend of mine who told me he was back home visiting for a while and had been on tour performing music. He hooked me up with a guy who could mix and master my music professionally and what an impact it made! All of a sudden, people began paying attention to my music again. It was almost like magic. Seemingly overnight, my music began to gain popularity amongst my friends and on the internet. People said I sounded like a professional. I could sense my dreams were starting to come true.
One day, while working as a cook at a restaurant, I met a guy who had just started and he said he heard I could rhyme, so <a href="http://www.prophicmusic.com/?p=70" target="_blank">I gave him one of my cds</a> and told him to listen to it. A few days later he told me he loved it and said he wanted to record with me. We started working on some songs and found we had immediate chemistry. Our styles seemed to naturally connect. It was like the Universe was sending me a sign that it was time to make a major move. We decided to record an album and that is what you now hold in your possession.
Endangered Species is the culmination of a career's worth of training and developing my skills as a lyricist and an artist. Together, All Most Famous and I have given you our very heart and soul and translated it into the music in this project. We believe real music should last forever, and we believe music should always come from the heart.
This album is dedicated to a dying breed of musician: the musician who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and who refuses to sacrifice his own values, creativity and talent just to fit an image of what the industry has deemed appropriate. Endangered Species is about the Heart of a musician, the Soul of an Artist. We thank you for purchasing this album. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Stay tuned for my next installment, and remember: dreams really DO come true

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