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Magnetic, Creative, Soulful and Funky are only a few adjectives to describe the artist that is Katrina Kapoor. Missing in today’s music industry is that special magic that draws you in to an artist and their music. But that magic is what accompanies Miss Katrina everywhere she goes. From her humble beginnings singing in Cornerstone Bibleway Church ( a 6 year old soloist leading the Hawkins Classic “Going Up Yonder”) to her now budding career, Katrina has been capturing the hearts of all those who have witnessed her talent. Her blend of Soul, Rock, Jazz Classical and Funk are the future of the music business. The name Katrina means “pure” and her music is reflective of that meaning. Kapoor possesses a rare contralto and her range spans 4 octaves. From a full throttle baritone sound to soaring soprano heights, this is a voice that stands out from the crowd. Growing up in the culturally diverse city of Jersey City, Katrina had many different musical influences, but her true hero’s are legends Anita Baker and Stevie Wonder. Their lasting impression can be heard in Katrina’s music and voice.

From a young age Katrina has always wanted to be a star. She has always been self-motivated to be in the spotlight and pursue a musical career. Like most singers she got her start in the church choir, gradually moving on to local talent shows and open mics, always letting everyone know that she was born to sing. She joined a number of girl groups where she honed her skills. These groups always proved to be unsuccessful because Katrina’s charisma would always take the center of attention. After years of singing, referencing tracks, singing hooks and creating several potential demos, she encountered her first hostile crowd. Known for her positive yet sensitive energy this event curtailed Kapoor’s development and for a few years she completely gave up on the music world. Going back to college proved to be a turning point in her life. Though she was a Psychology Major, she took a giant leap back into music by becoming a Music Minor. It was her tribute to her deceased father who longed to see Katrina fulfill her potential and become the artist she is today. It was during her time as a Music Minor at New Jersey City University that opened her musical talents even further. Always wanting to be complete in all things she did, Katrina threw herself into her craft. It didn’t take long for all to see what a rare gem was among them. Katrina took this time to expand and perfect her instrument. Studying Operatic material added a whole new dimension to her voice; her unique sound and vocal range lent itself to the great composer Verdi. It seemed at this time that Katrina might end up pursuing an operatic career; but never wanting to box herself into one corner, she made the decision to make music that moved her, whatever that would end up being.

After college Katrina decided it was time to walk out on faith and up back into the music scene. Katrina resurrected her music career by finding any opportunity to make music. She began singing in the open mic circuits in the Metropolitan area. This led to her fulfilling a dream of hers. Katrina had always wanted to host an open mic and help others find the music within. In the summer of 2008, she began hosting an open mic in her hometown of Jersey City at Sanai's from 2008 - 2009 and again at the Coffee Cave in Newark from 2010 - 2011. Her energy was infectious, she was thee most open, positive and inspiring host. She began to feel at home on the stage once again.

Katrina’s life long dream of a music career is now finally coming true. Katrina Kapoor’s one purpose is to heal and move people through her music. Her mission has always been to make music that changes people and allows you to be you. Katrina Kapoor melts together all styles of music, refusing just to stick to one genre of music is an important ingredient in her success. She sings background for house music legend Kenny Bobien and other popukar artists. She is in the process of recording her debut album, currently working with house dj’s and eclectic producers to ensure her fans will love it. This project is long overdue and is eagerly awaited. She continues to host open mics, record and gig. The sky is the limit to what Katrina Kapoor will accomplish. Its only the beginning for her and we are all going to witness greatness to come.

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