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A rare one-woman electropop powerhouse, NNXT arrived in the new music scene with a bang. She sets herself apart from today’s pop princesses and electronic artists with her strong vocals, frisky lyrics and energetic beats, which she writes, produces and records herself in her home-based studio.

NNXT has always been around music. At an early age she started playing the piano and garnered top honors in Classical piano competitions throughout her childhood. She started recording and producing her own music when she received her first four track digital recorder over a decade ago. “It totally blew my mind that more than one instrument or voice could play and sing at the same time. I would literally sit in my room for hours upon hours just layering sounds.”

From that point forward NNXT developed a new obsession. It wasn’t with the artists themselves, but with the people behind the scenes involved in the production. “I stopped caring so much about the actual artists on the cover and more about the names in the credits.”

With the tools she needed to write, record and produce music all on her own, NNXT embarked on her musical journey. “My brainchild NNXT was created through my fascination with pop songwriting and the natural marriage of electronic elements that I had in my possession.“

NNXT creates dynamic futuristic music. Her debut single “DRNK TXTNG” is bound to lure anyone in with its edgy, humorous lyrics and masterful beats, while her second single “Love Superhero” is destined to become the next female empowerment anthem.

The mysterious NNXT pseudonym is derived from the virtual music software program, Reason, which features an advanced sampler known as the NN-XT. The sampler’s flexibility and realistic detail is indicative of her music goals. With the combination of these innovative production ideas and her clever songwriting, NNXT develops a unique and captivating sound that melds the best elements of electronic and pop music.

It’s clear that NNXT has found her calling. She writes, records and produces the music she feels like she was meant to. “I knew when I landed in NNXT-world, I was finally home.”

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Jessica Gore - Singer, Songwriter, Producer
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Electronica / Electropop

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Atlanta, GA

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