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Steven D. Lightspring / Bio

(UP-DATED Oct. 3, 2014)

If you ask them, it seems that so far
my fans are usually mostly drawn to...

(As seen in 7 Volumes [over 600 pgs.] of my playful,
and rather sublime "Poetic Bliss" series...)
* * *
* SONGS that come from / speak to THE HEART...and lift the SPIRIT!
(As seen on the 3 albums released...and a fourth coming very soon...
on CDBaby, itunes, and Amazon [See links on ReverbNation.] )

*Acoustic Fusion "SOULFUL FOLK"...and far beyond...with soothing GUITAR
and VOCALS...often blended with playful and passionate "Spoken Word".
* * *
*With my life-long fascination with and years of exploration into the power
of sound, I've been called a "SOUND HEALING" visionary. What I create can
encourage deeply contemplative moments of restoration and rejuvenation
for body and soul. Different sounds "touching" body, heart and soul in
surprisingly specific ways--fascinating! Much of what I do is one-of-a kind...

For further details on each of these... See Below...

* "Uplifting" lyrics...often with the imagery of Eagles...being one...rising above
the "clouds" that block our view of where we want to be...and the "place" way
"up there" (in "the skies of our spirit") where we feel most free to be who we are
...deep down...in our "heart of hearts" where we "just know" that we are born for
something "higher" than where we tend to live...and what we often settle for.

*Songs that come from the heart...and tend to speak directly to the spirit of
the listener, and often have a refreshing,"uplifting" effect. This seems to be
a trademark, of sorts, of what I do. Although I do enjoy many kinds of music,
more than anything else I relish music that's very much from the heart....and
points us to the best in us. My hope is to be one to create a little bit more of
something like that in the world.
(I'm fairly aware of artistic limitations for being a "solo act" [I'm certainly open
to the possibilities of collaborations with like minds and "kindred spirits" if the
setting is right.] but, for now, I do the best I can as a "one-man-band" with what
I have. But with modern technology it is easier than ever to create something
very listenable that has decent vocals and uniquely-blended instrument sounds.
Although it's not easy to keep up with all these advances, I'm truly grateful to be
living at a time when so much can be created with so little! Yet, down the road, I
can see myself sharing in "motivational speaker" circles [often sort of labeled as
a "motivational singer/poetic performer"] or in some very inclusive spiritual group
settings...or even blending with a "kindred spirit" band where I bring my strength of
lyrics and delivery of them to the mix.)

*Being a passionate "spoken word" poetic performer, much of my role seems to be
that of a story-teller whether in song or "just words". However, although I do enjoy
performing with "naked" words, more often than not, I tend to blend the two--music
and spoken words--and constantly reach for new and interesting ways to create a
"tapestry" of sound that hopefully carries the message more directly to the heart
than if it were merely words. Maybe because of my usually lilting, lyrical style, and
the deeply playful undercurrent throughout much of my grand and sublime themes
(You know...Love, peace and Joy--all the "big" good stuff!), right from the beginning
I often began to be described as sort of a "spiritual Dr. Suess". Also more than once,
I've felt honored when some have graciously compared this precarious blend of my
"playfully profound" style as reminiscent of the 13th century classic poet and Sufi
master, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad RUMI. Whatever you may make of any of the
poetic works, hopefully you will feel for yourself why some have used such kind

*I am a singer-songwriter performing musician who tends to get labeled "soulful folk"
...but I feel my reach is much further. My focus and strength seem to be the heart-
clarifying lyrics, soulful vocals, acoustic guitar, hand drums, and a few off-the-
"beaten"-path instruments. My comparisons on my site to John Denver, Enya,
Loreena McKennitt, Deval Premal and Miten, and Beth Neilsen Chapman are
only meant to express certain aspects of the "soul" of my music, and I probably
don't actually sound like any one of them. I've been told fairly often that I had a
certain similarity to Elvis Presley (at least his softer, Love Me Tender side), or a
smooth, more upbeat Leonard Cohen. All I know is... I am "me", and I'm here to
"beam" this with all I have...the best I can...to bring to each recording and

* The extremely "peacefully passionate" performances I do are from the "spoken word"
poetic works from my seven published volumes. (See Amazon Kindle) I love to mix
blends of hypnotic and otherwise captivating music with poetic "spoken word"... to make
it even more conducive to letting much of the depths of the words "reach" people at more
of a heart and soul level.

* I am also a "sound healer", so I work with tuning forks, singing bowls, "healing"-focused
soulful vocals, gem stones and much more... to create a deeply "healing", rejuvenating
effect for recipients of my "energy work". Sometimes I find ways to "embed" in my music
the most soothing tones as part of the "uplifting" effect I seek to create for my listeners.
* * *
As you can see, it's not easy to define what I do, and even more so how I do it. But I hope
these glimpses help you to get a feel for what I'm about...and how I may, if I would be so
fortunate, bring something truly unique and uplifting--to YOU!

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SteVen D Lightspring - Vocals
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Steven D. Lightspring
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Singer Songwriter / spiritual / spoken word

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Asheville, NC

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