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Miss Ko is a rapper/songwriter from Queens, New York. She is able to rap and sing in both English and Chinese Mandarin, making her the only artist to ever blend the two languages in such a manner. Her debut album "Knock Out" successfully topped the indiecharts in Taiwan, pioneering her as the first female rapper to release a No. 1 album in Asia.

Ko started writing lyrics back in high school, and attended Five Towns College, where other artists such as Wyclef Jean and Maroon 5 began their musical careers. Throughout college, she worked with Thurobredz, a Japanese rap group and Flowsik of Aziatix. After graduation, she began her solo career, and was eventually chosen out of thousands to perform for Hot 97’s Night of the Rising Stars.

In 2009, Ko released her first mixtape titled “Industry Makeover,” which garnered both local and international attention. She performed for Rally Pride in New York's Bryant Park, which aired on New York's News Channel 1, and was also featured in Tetu, France’s #1 LGBTQ Magazine.

Ko attributes her inspiration to artists such as Lauryn Hill, Tupac, and A Tribe Called Quest. "I didn't have much confidence growing up, but when I turned on one of their songs, it always made me feel invincible, as though I could do anything." That same feeling empowered her to transform from a high school delinquent into her college valedictorian.

"If there's anything I hope to do in this lifetime, it's to make music that inspires others to believe in themselves. You can do anything and everything as long as you have faith in yourself."

Ko now lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where she is signed to Kao Inc. Records. Stay tuned for more from this multilingual knock out!

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