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Relentless. If you looked up the definition of this word you would find that it means “Steady and persistent”. Let me tell you what else you would find next to the definition of Relentless… a picture of today’s Sounds from the Underground artist, Toronto’s very own Bow Lansky! While some sit and dream, Bow flat out does. Some people need to be reminded to “git up, git out and git somethin’, Don’t let the days of your life pass by”, but Bow Lansky never required this advice from Cee-lo. Since dropping his first studio song when he was just 17, Bow has been releasing hit after hit. Ambition + Relentless Attitude + Talent = A sure bet that it’s going to be much more than just Toronto buzzing after each Bow Lansky verse.
Bow Lansky aka Crossbow Loc CEO & Founder of the Canadian independent music Label My City Records.
Manager, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Promoter, Event Planner, Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur to sum it up.
Contact e-mail MyCityRecordsTV@gmail.com
Now is his time to explode! All of this is just setting the stage for the big date, which is the release of his first solo album “Thiz 1′s 4 U”. So let me ask you a question…why are you waiting? You might as well get hooked now to the work of Crossbow, because it’s going to happen eventually. You can’t fight the math! Ambition + Relentless Attitude + Talent = Success. It also equals Crossbow!

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Crossbow Loc
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Bow Lansky
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Hip Hop / rap

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Toronto, ON, CA
Rah Dolla (Wu-Management)

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