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Born and raised in and around the New Orleans area. YOCIAN has adapted many skills such as becoming a recording artist/ engineer/music producer, singer/songwriter/composer, poet and now adding to his repitiour video production/screenplay/director and computer graphics to name a few. YOCIAN captures the very soul of music from many genres including RnB/Soul, Spoken word with a spiritual feel, which needless to say is missing in the music industry today…

“My music isn’t made to be liked, it’s made to be understood!”

That is the answer YOCIAN has for people or fans that say such things, as “you’re really good and different!” Then go on to compare me to artist like L.L. Cool J or 2pac etc.

“I don’t really like to be compared because I feel that I’m not better than anyone, just different.” If you feel like you’re in the mood for Mainstream, then listen to little Drake or what’s flooding the airwaves? If you feel like listening to uplifting “Real” in your face truth, honesty and what’s going on. Then listen to. YOCIAN UNCIEN

As long as I can remember, let’s say since I was five years old, carrying around the ABC Jackson five album every where I went and would demand it to be played at friends birthday parties so I can sing along with it.

I feel that hip-hop rap or whatever they’re calling it today needs a change. A change to the way our ancestors used music as messages to help each other. One song comes to mind. “Swing down, sweet chariot. Coming for to carry me home.” Of Corse we know what that meant. Our music in the sixties such as “fight the power!” and songs of it’s kind. It would take me to write a book to really explain where I’m getting. My music is a message in itself. In a world today for people who listen to hip-hop, rap and rnb only for the music because the message is usually the same, about sex drugs money women or cars, which really is keeping us in a rut.

The average kid listening to that stuff wants to be like the artist he sees but in reality the message in that music is really “ I have it and you don’t” and the kid doesn’t hear that. All he knows that if he can’t rap or play some sort of sports. He can’t be successful. So he turns to selling drugs or even using them because most artist use drugs and look how successful they are. No one sees the downside because artists don’t show it.

Anyway, I’m neither a messiah nor a savior in music. I just want to turn on the radio and hear something worth listening to from my culture although many tell me that it’s suicide for me to be so talented and waste my talents on trying to help people when they don’t want to be helped. Or I need to do a song like everyone else is doing so I can get paid, fame and gain popularity..

Well I say to those and behold…

“I’d rather be nameless!!!

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