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Artist is the word used to describe a lot the majority of the recording industry. With so many definitions to this word, one really has to wonder, “Who the hell is Layne Harper”? What makes Layne Harper different is the same thing that makes him so likeable by all his fans. For starters, Layne is a “father first, artist second”, but that’s not all. To really know Layne is to know where he came from and where he plans on going. Thanks to a military family, Layne spent seven years of his childhood overseas in Germany. Even as a small child, Layne showed a deep appreciation for music by listening to jazz records with his step father almost every day. He was able to express his love by attending different concerts and even dancing onstage with superstars like Stanley Kirk Burrell aka MC Hammer. A young Layne of 5 years old wasn’t playing in the sandbox or taking naps, he started writing lyrics and music to perform in many talent shows, this was truly his passion. He lived music and wanted to share music and that was his dream. Fast forward 20 plus years, its July 13, 2011and we see Layne Harper getting ready to perform his highly acclaimed record “POVerty” in Nashville, TN. Layne with his head bowed is praying for his performance to go off without a hitch and his passion is evident. Living paycheck to paycheck and getting check advances to provide for his family, is what Layne’s life consist of now but, he never loses his passion. What the music industry is lacking is found in Layne who is an ingenuous artist, and that is portrayed in his music. Juggling between two jobs, being a father and managing his photography company “Vroom! Photography”, it’s difficult to imagine how he manages to have anytime for his music career. He makes a way to embrace his situation by pouring himself into his music, telling his life story in melodic tunes. When it comes to painting vivid pictures within lyrics, Layne takes the listeners on a ride with the help of the instrumental and genuine wordplay. In due time, the world would become familiar with Layne Harper. Has the day come yet, maybe not but I can feel the energy in the room.

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Layne Harper
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Layne Harper
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Hip Hop / R&B / Soul

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Wesley Chapel, FL

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