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I grew up in church and heard a lot about God, but when my family life went haywire at sixteen, I decided that I wanted nothing to do with the religious system I had experienced. For six years, I ran from God straight into a lifestyle of addiction and immorality. By the age of twenty-one I had done every drug there was and was strongly addicted to cocaine and painkillers. My mother had given me a Bible to keep at my apartment and with no respect for God’s word I would read it to put myself to sleep when I was high.
For a year, God’s word worked on my heart as I read about how holy and just He was, yet how loving and merciful He was. One night I put the Bible down and began to talk to God. I told him in arrogance and foolishness, “If I have to get myself right before I come to You, then just kill me and send me to Hell, but if You will take me the way that I am, I am yours.” He answered this prayer with a transforming encounter with His Holy Spirit. Before I knew it I was in the floor completely sober weeping under the influence of His Spirit. His mercy and love transformed me that night and over the next month every addiction of alcoholism, sexual vices, and drugs were gone.
This experience has shaped my life more than anything else. I firmly believe that we cannot get to God because He got to us. Religion is man trying to do enough right and not do wrong so that we can get to God. Jesus is God coming for man and meeting him right where they are at, and then transforming them from the inside out. Transformation and salvation is only through Jesus. All of our search for truth should lead us to a personal relationship with Him. He is perfect theology and is the “Truth.”
I find that when we truly understand what Jesus did on the cross destroyed the great divide between God and man, we are forever changed. Because of His sacrifice, there is an open Heaven over our lives and we have full access to the inheritance of God. This is why I worship and my mission is to see the world transformed by the love of God for them. Music was created to bring glory to it's Creator, and when it is used for this purpose it changes atmospheres and lives. As a worship pastor, my heart is to see worshippers equipped and raised up to use their God given talents to proclaim the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, and this is my personal goal with every song I write.

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Jonas Neihoff Music
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