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Slime Nation
Slime Nation is a group consisting of 4 males who grew up together from Brentwood and Central Islip, New York. They were brought together by Henry (aka Tre). Although Slime Nation has only been rapping together for a year their chemistry is indescribable and they have become their own little family. Tre has assisted in Slime Nation’s journey to reach maximum potential, although he is currently incarcerated. He has truly become the motivation to the rest of the group. All want to succeed to make their brother proud.

JSmokes was born John Rajotte on July 18, 1987. Even as a toddler, one could tell that Smokes enjoyed the spotlight. Rapping along with Vanilla Ice before he could put together sentences and paragraphs, his admiration for the hip hop/rap genre kept on growing and growing. At 11, while on a family outing, Smokes was filmed “performing” Getting Jiggy With It, and you could tell at that moment he was made to perform in front of a crowd. Born and raised in Central lslip, with the same friends, he knows what it means to have a select chosen few on his side. Smokes uses his book smarts combined with his street smarts to his advantage when he puts together every clever line.

Sploosh Hefner
Sploosh Hefner was born Rogendy Toussaint on November 21, 1987 to Roger and Marie, who immigrated to the US from Haiti in 1984. The oldest of three, family has always been the driving force in his life, giving him the motivation to constantly chase success. Always an avid music fan, his interest to step behind the microphone was sparked by spontaneous freestyle sessions with his college roommates. Joining Slime Nation was a natural transition, as it was done with lifelong friends, who shared the same creativity, focus, and will. Though he still plans on one day returning to school, he's aggressively chasing this dream until the wheels fall off.

Slime E
Slime E was born Eric Maurer on December 31, 1987. E’s love and talent for music wasn’t recognized until the summer of 2010. Where he and a group of friends would sit back, relax, and begin free-styling, at times hours on end. Through constant positive constructive feedback on his free-styling skills, E decided to take it to the booth and the rest is pretty much history. E’s personal life has been an up and down roller coaster to say the least, between losing his step father at an early age, to having his mother battle cancer twice, but he takes all adversity as a challenge and uses it as motivation in his lyrics.

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SlimeE (Eric Maurer) JSmokes (John Rajotte) Sploosh Hefner (Rogendy Toussaint) Slime King (Henry Salazar)
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Slime Nation
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Central Islip, NY