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For those taking the time to read this, allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Brian Chapa, better known on stage as “Myster Sleepy” of EMK Ent.. I was born and raised in San Antonio Tx. I’ve dedicated my life to song writing and being a Hip Hop and R & B artist whose goal is to put great music into people’s ears.
It all started at thirteen years old as just a hobby with the homies, free-styling at parties we went to. We used to flip the parties from lame to a big free-styling battle and got everybody involved. My first time into it the flows needed work, but hey, practice makes perfect. Life ain’t always been a walk in the park for me, and as the years passed things seemed to catch up to me. I ended up going to prison for five years at the age of eighteen for choosing a path I knew would eventually put me in that position. But being young and hard headed always managed to get the best of me. I sat in a cell five long years trying to figure out how I could make life better, with nothing but memories haunting me. I kept my mind on the music, thinking it was all I had to make the passing of time easier. At the time I didn’t know how to write a song so I basically put words together just to see what I could come up with. The first song I wrote was I Never
Thought, a song talking about seeing your woman in a jail cell. I had no beats; a low pounding on my little desk was all I had. I wasn’t sure about how long to write, so I just kept going. My celly was the first to listen and told me I had way too many bars. Thirty-two just on the first verse! Ha, ha, way too long. After finding out that sixteen were all I needed, I went from one track to a binder full of different tracks without the beats. After listening to the lyrics and spitting the new tracks to the celly, he was tripping out on how good the songs sounded and said I should really look at putting them out when I got out. That insight was enough to motivate me into continuing my journey in the music industry. It turned from just something to pass the time to a hobby, from a hobby to a passion and now its life.
I’m a song writer/artist and I enjoy every second of it. My music is based on life: experiences, things I wish would have happened, and of course, succeeding on this journey to finding my Lyrical Dream. I had plenty of thoughts on how and what I would write about while going through different situations in prison. My focus was stuck on the slow tracks for the ladies and it seemed to be what a lot of people were digging. Then I figured that switching the style up would give a variety of music people can listen to on any occasion. So I got tracks for street, club, hip-hop, etc. A lot of people try comparing me with the baby bash, but I tell them I’m only being me. R&B and rapping is what I enjoy. Putting something out that the ladies can jam to in the car, on their way to work, the club or just when they’re thinking about their man, whatever it takes to keep the ears listening. Music is life and struggles to live on, but as long as I got music
to put out there, I’ll just keep pushing to achieve what I’m aiming for. Staying motivated but patient for the opportunity to prove that I’ve got what it takes.
I’m a local artist who has performed in clubs, park shows, and other great events here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex where I’ve lived for the last 3 years after completing my five year sentence. I met up with a few other artists who had a nice little studio set up, started recording and recently got the songs done for the first album I’m working on called Lyrical Dreamz. A very nice album for the ladies but the fellas gonna be digging the tracks, too.
This is my story, how it all began. Thank you for your time and enjoy the music,

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