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Jack Chicago has always been a wild man. After a youth of struggle and troubles, he borrowed $5,000 from his Student Loan Provider and used the funds to nail the Great Stock Market Crash of 2008 by betting heavily on the March and September "puts" of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. His gut was right, and both Wall Street Fortresses went insolvent by September of 2008, netting him a Herculean profit that some say is worth well over $4 Million. Jack rarely discusses his Stock Market Activity in public; but the heroic speculation which he endured in 2008 was in no way Mediocre. The cash-money that was his reward for the Victory was Colossal and game-changing, especially for a rambling artist who came from a modest upbringing.....But as he came to find out, and as the Famous saying goes, "money isn't everything" - especially out in LA where he lived after he hit the Bigtime in Chicago. Money didn't change Jack Chicago; rather, Jack Chicago changed money... In LA he dated dazzling pop singer Miss Norway, and that was the beginning of his Awakening. Love, whiskey, clubs, poker games, sun + sand, the Venice Beach breeze, shopping in Santa Monica, 6-day-May-Lays in Vegas, elbow-rubbing with fashion's hottest, blacked-out Chateau Marmont nights until 4am, and of course the music business (his new fetish) - it turned this boy into a poet, a party, and a pitchman - simply, it fueled this geeky stock market gamer into a wild beast who was bucketed out of the depths of the Pacific. Of course things with Miss Norway didn't pan out, and he parted with a great chunk of his capital by affording his Heroic lifestyle, as well as dabbling in Big-Bets poker in Vegas; so in late 2010, knowing he was Hell-bound to lose it all if he stayed a-miss on the West Coast, he decided it was time to make a change, re-shuffle the deck, and hit the road to the Big Apple.

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Jack Chicago
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