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"More – EE – on – doe." Learn to say it now, because it is sure to become a household name!

Singer/songwriter Liz Moriondo grew up on a farm in Mt. Vernon, Missouri developing a true love for the outdoors from the time she could walk. “My brothers and cousins all hunt and fish so I learned early and it just became a part of who I am,” she remembers.

The outdoorsy little girl became a stunning young woman who is now inspiring other women to embrace that side of themselves, too. She is spreading this message through her first love… music.

A few years ago she traded in her fishing pole, AND her basketball days which took her all the way through to the college level, for a microphone and transferred to Belmont University in Nashville where she immersed herself in the country music scene. Music City embraced Liz immediately, seeing her talent, both as a writer and an artist, personality, and incredible energy as a performer. A-list producer David Huff (Little Big Town, The Band Perry, The Doobie Brothers), quickly took her into the studio to cut her first EP. Huff, also the musical director of American Idol, praises the unique gifts he sees in Liz. “Her vocal is unmistakably her own, and it is exciting to see her progress. She is a solid writer who has developed in that area at a rapid speed. Her all around talent is really evident in this project."

Liz’s voice guides the listener through a series of self-penned songs that are windows into her world. The result is a mixture of fishing songs and love songs. In the case of her debut single, “Throw Ya Back,” she combines the two, delivering a clever song about fishing for love and having to throw a few back to find the right “catch.” “The parallel was too much to ignore and it turned out perfectly. In fact, we just shot the video and it is hilarious,” she laughs.

The video medium has been very good to the songstress. It was her parody of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” which she re-wrote to reflect her love of bass fishing, that first introduced her in a big way to the outdoors community. The simple video, shot in her kitchen with her iPhone and a ukulele, has been shared by the biggest brands and personalities of the outdoors world. “I would have never imagined that the video would rack up more than 12 million views across all platforms,” she enthuses. “I am so grateful for all of the love I have received from this industry. It has shown me that it really is a big family.”

The “Throw Ya Back” video was made possible by another industry family member, Jimmy Sites. Sites, Vice President of the Hunt Channel and producer of the popular TV show Spiritual Outdoor Adventures, was eager to bring Liz’s story of love and fishing to life on the screen.

Her growing relationships with the top names in the industry, such as Bass Pro Shops, is considered one of the early highlights of her blossoming career. Bass Pro Shops shares her Missouri roots, and has shown unwavering support of Liz’s career, asking her to play numerous corporate, and private events. Viewers of the “All About That Bass” parody will notice that some of it touts her love for shopping at Bass Pro Shops, which is looked at as the granddaddy of the outdoors industry. “It has most definitely helped to align myself with Bass Pro Shops, but it is truly authentic. I shopped there long before my career started to rise and I will continue to do so.”

This year Liz will be playing at NASCAR races on a stage co-sponsored by her favorite outdoors shop. She expects “Throw Ya Back,” which she wrote as a thank you to Bass Pro Shops, to become just as popular as her parody and is excited that fans will now get to discover her own original material.

“It is so exciting to see what is happening,” she reflects. “To be at one of my shows and talk to a little girl who tells me she is not afraid to fish because of something I sang is an amazing feeling. It’s truly one of those ‘wow’ moments.”

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