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5lb.Piranha is a high energy power trio based out of Austin, Texas with a passion to bring rock and roll back to the people. Often sounding like a band possessed, 5lb.Piranha is an intense, driving rock and roll trio that consists of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Although Brad Stewart (drums), Danielle Boudreaux (bass/vox) may not be from Texas like Thawind Mills (vox/guitar) is, it all certainly gelled there.

Described often as alternative blues rock with a punk/reggae metal edge, this band's music feels just as at home on a festival stage as it does in a biker bar backyard bbq. Uplifting flavors spanning the musical landscape take a listener back to a time when straight forward rock and roll was king and the live show dominated. The only thing better than hearing them is seeing them live. This is the beauty of their music and its testament to its ability to transcend the boundaries of culture and genres making it feel right at home in any musical situation. It's music with a bite and a party with a punch.

5lb. Piranha's first LP "Suffer for your Art", a mix of groovable rock tunes inspired by multiple styles and in your face party energy produced by RadioZendo dropped in November 2014. Their willingness to move in and out of genres can be explained by their passion for creation. Their ability to carve out new paths, styles, and also get to the point with straight forward rock makes it difficult to narrowly categorize their music. They bring to mind the birth of the edgy legends of days gone by such as Zeppelin, Nirvana, Rush, Toadies and The Who. They may be a contradiction in musical terms sometimes when they use sharp riffs and hooks to tear into you, just to switch gears and express a love song. From the driven edge of calling it like it is to the greasy rock and roll that meets the love dead sensibilities in this calamity of life, they've got it in over-drive.

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Brad Stewart - Drums, Danielle Boudreau - Bass, Thawind Mills - Guitar
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5lb. Piranha
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Austin, TX
Thawind Mills