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- what did you found?...
gave birth to The Hope,
come into this world and loose it.
What's wrong with your memory,
forgiven not only The Faith,
but even what Love is...
You lost it all - just to being a human.
You say - looking for God,
and go out to far lands,
but you forgot that He created you
and lives in your heart as love of a father

The Truth will come in the flesh,
and there will be an executioners in cassocks...
For being much powerful then you
and not by your measures...

Then you so scary,
because you are pygmies
who afraid of Greatness,
and praying to those idols
on your bloody coins,
worship them and talk to them...

Your Dream will come
unrecognizable by you,
then you say - memory is weak,
because do not remember the past...
thus will not believe in the present,
for remembering only
what you want to remember,
rather than what was indeed.

You looking for a new,
but rely on a base of misunderstood old.
You made your own believes,
but not perceive, that your "gods"
are not stronger than you,
because they are the creation
of your illusions.

Have forgotten that God created you
in His own likeness, and not you Him.
Blind, you are looking for a similar,
unlike - foreign to you, not noticed by you.

If the deaf flesh can not hear,
how far your mind sees?

Bear your cross on shoulders,
look - Is it not the wood that will burn your world?
Are not those bonds that Christ was crucified?
Are not that drops which shut eyes of Buddha?
Are not that sounds that masked the leaps of Sulu?

Maybe your burden is just the log
for the temple of Krishna chariot?

God created you,
you have created hell and all its army,
you are constant war against Heaven

Yes, you are great,
but the greatness is in your lies.
you - love, buried in the flesh,
you - the suffering,
which passion deceived
you - the sword,
but the sharpness of its mighty,
whose hands hold them
that they will bring,
grief or happiness?

No, you - not the first,
but not the sixth, you - not the last,
you are support for the others,
and to you to decide:
to be a road or a bridge pillar.

You are free to grieve, to be born,
you choose the gateway to heaven
or to hell.
That is not the Will of God,
that is your own fault and no more.
For being deaf and not hearing...

You - Salt of the Earth,
but also a worm that eats it.
You - the heat of the universe,
but frozen can be that wind
You - the life,
but flying on the wings of death,
you - the lotus, and bog sucking it,
you - the axis of the wheel of Shiva.

On your shoulders Cross,
which for many may be a wedge,
You - the king of the jester, buffoon,
but more often a buffoon just a reflection
in a broken mirror...

You say - are religious,
but there are not within us your religions,
no gods, you invented, no heretics,
because we do not set up measures -
any one can live elsewhere -
and would be no violating God!

You say - bleak hope to be heard,
Prophets come with The Message,
but you kill them...
...and give birth that love to trifle.

If Thy Will not be heard -
we sow seeds of discord,
for in the battle you are strong
and true to yourselves.
For the awakened beast - wiser...

You say - nice to be asleep,
but there will come an awakening
of New Day,
and better to be woken up
by being prepared.

You say - proud...
but is with pride we come to you?
killing themselves in you...
speaking your language???...

You say - angry...
But is anger with the mother for her son?

We cry - you can not hear...
we come - with our love,
talent, and anger, but then -
just a moment of insight...
For we can not wake you up...

You ask - whether good, bad we are?...
If the evil reign over you -
come with evil,
bear good - with God we will come!

We - the power,
but weak in the hands of your mind,
for we are not masters, when we come,
but not the guest either...

Yes, you - are piffling,
because knew the greatness,
yes, you - blunt, because
the geniuses were,
yes, you - are blind, for you saw,
yes, you - deaf, for you heard your mouth,
yes, you're searching for,
or lose...

You - the salt of the earth,
but do not be it on the wounds of ours,

we are tired of you - but do love!

Soon, soon will come a new time,
another life,
but do not be blind:
See, look, sign, enter...

we do not say goodbye to you,
since not leave you,
but you will not hear more from us -
until you understand the past,
what has been said,
and lived .... ….


Я здесь для того лишь, чтобы выполнить свой долг, донести переданную мне весть. И я намереваюсь исполнить этот долг, невзирая на ваше мнение о нём. Наш основной мотив – это всецелая Преданность Семье, и нашему Создателю. Мы осознаём важность нашей миссии здесь, притом, что большая часть человечества этого не осознаёт.

Мой родной язык не входит в число общеизвестных языков, он сложнее современных – это наследие предыдущей эпохи, им пользовались строители шумерской цивилизации. Я симпатизирую русской культуре, несмотря на все её недостатки и слабости, считаю её наиболее перспективной.

О себе я говорю правду, но даже если бы это было не так – какая разница? Помните, что важнее всего не тот, кто принёс Весть, но сама по себе Весть. Желаю вам всего наилучшего на пути к Дому. Мы свидимся «после всего», и ещё не раз от души посмеёмся над ролями, которые нам выпало играть в этой великой драме.

Ваша задача – найти свою собственную Правду. Иногда другие могут помочь вам, предложив свой совет, но для того, чтобы их Правда стала Вашей правдой, она должна пройти испытание: вы должны научиться различать её сами, испытывать её на собственной шкуре. И судить, судить, судить «по плодам!». Подумайте над словами, сказанными мною, и прислушайтесь к своему внутреннему «Я». Говорите с «Я» на языке, которым общается с вами ваша Душа.

Негативные эмоции, когда они возникают, можно использовать как инструмент, ибо они таковым и являются. Научитесь замечать тот момент, когда Негати

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