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We have been together since our last project in the 90's with Rottwieller, a northwest metal band reorganized under our dear and lost friend, Paul Crisman. While Paul was known for his time with the original lineup of Izzy Rehaume, Rick Van Zant and Doug Maripodi during the Northwest Metalfest days, Rottwieller was the result of Paul - the brainchild of the concept of the band, the logo and the famous image of Paul through an aggressive artistic rendering.

John Douglas and Paul Crisman reorganized Rottwieller after a some time together as co-writers of music such as Dawn & Me and others that would later feature Vic Pranger, Steve Harris, a returning Izzy Rehaume and drummers such as Gary Stafford and Matt Wallace. A special mention goes out to another dear and lost friend who supported us, helped play and record the songs during John and Pauls writing years, and that is Darryl Mason - an eccentric mind and an outstanding friend who was an inspiration throughout the time he was with us (some of the songs that he helped with, and which were almost lost, will be included under the new name).

Our version of Rottwieller (what I now call Rottwieller 2.0) would come to it's end under our group in 1996 after some great shows at Pain In The Grass, the Riviera (then Flamingos), Jimmy Z's, and the New World (as well as others). However, the culmination of Paul, John, Vic and Steve would continue off and on over the years, and much of the music we recorded would meet an unfinished end - until now as we revive what we can from partial recordings that are in process of being re-assembled for mixing.

After the end of Rottwieller, an opportunity came up where we did decide that we would try to organize for a journey to Germany. But out of respect for the original lineup, we assembled the original members to see how they felt about us traveling and using the name. While we regret that decision to be honorable (reasons we'll leave alone at this point), we can say that this was the end of the road for Paul's ride of standing on the stage in appearances with the the original Rottwieller, as well as the end if our long-standing association with the name. The original line up would then travel to Germany in our stead, and perform the Wacken show without Paul. The original line up enjoyed a continuing rise in success in revisiting the original songs and some new ones. We celebrated their opportunity, but with some sadness, as this wasn't settling well with Paul or us (don't ask John about his opinion! lol!).

Since Paul was not in the original line up, and we still had work to finish, this led to continued work with Paul and ourselves through a new view of our music, which would combine our collective experience through professional covers, originals as a headlining group and now as an acoustic/electric project. We would continued writing and exploring new ways to create, and we believe that our combined experience, tastes and talents would come to a unique blend of rock, metal, acoustic and progressive flavors that result in a difficult-to-name style of music.

About the new name:
While it was difficult to decide, we did decide to bring back our songs produced with Paul and bring them under a new band name (in order to keep a separation of the work of the original lineup - though our music written under Rottwieller will always remain a strong chapter in our lives - we were Rottwieller!). We didn't want to create any more confusion than necessary, and we didn't want to let all the work we did fall into a box left in a storage stall somewhere. This meant that we must bring everything into a new name - one that expressed the essence of our approach and style. Since our music tends to express a lot of styles and a sense of emotion and various forms of energy, we decided that we are practically spiritual in our sonic expressiveness, so the new name is Sonic Temple.

Unfortunately, the last song that we would work on that featured our dear friend Paul is "In My Mind", but it speaks highly to those last years of his experiences. To go further back to the days of John and Paul, you will find "Dawn and Me" as well as some others that will come in later uploads. You will also find that many songs do not have vocals. This is due to two reasons - the first is that we lost our singer, and second because some of the songs are not finished in their entirety (lacking vocals), but stand (in their "demo" form) on their own as instrumentals. You can say that most of these songs are a work in progress. It will be difficult to replace Paul in the vocals, and we miss him in the writing processes, but one thing for sure is that we will always have a place for him in our minds, but many of the "instrumentals" may one day enjoy new vocals. So who knows? You may be seeing a new name (if not several) added to our list of members in Sonic Temple.

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Sonic Temple
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