Words & Music By: James Mathias/Ascap/Copyright/All recordings Mathias Studio
James Mathias, a new and upcoming artist, singer/songwriter.
With a gift of song in reality and great imagination. James loves performing
and sharing his ones love, music. His song "Sunday" set in a child like mood, sets a stage of one great step toward things beyond.
Matthias is a collection of people who play musical instruments and perform songs. Consisting mainly of two brothers; James and Daniel Mathias. The duo began playing music together around 2005. Through the years the two spent many hours performing together, developing their unique sound and feel. With these experiences the two began composing and arranging their own material. The band is from Southern New Jersey.

Daniel Mathias - Drums
James Mathias - Vocals / Guitar

Contact / Booking: jmsmathias@gmail.com

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Band Members
Daniel Mathias - Drums, James Mathias-Vocals,guitars - Vocals
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Alternative / Acoustic Rock / singer& songwriter

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Elmer, NJ