Dani MKD / Press


“Your musical talent is something to be proud of, not many people could compose and arrange like you. Enjoying Hidup Tanpa. Love, Judy Shire xx”

“you are the master guitarist in indonesian.....”

“This is outstanding music. Its an experience. Fantastic musicianship. An aural journey.”

"pelangi cinta" feelin' ya' awesome songs bro nice john lennon feelin' bro nice work & congrats on rank #1!!!

“Very cool, original and atmospheric work! All the best from the rowdy and raucous Albertans!”

“Hi. there is so much diversity here you remind me of Prince. So much talent. Very good”

“Fantastic technic !! Metal & friends is catching one's breathe !!: And in pelangi cinta , you show something different ;-)”

“Great tracks and excellent technique!”

“Pure Genius !!! Awesome music. What an incredible talent”

“Incredible one man show! Awesome tracks love the way you mix it up with such diversity with your excellent style and playing/ writing/arangements .Bless all you do, such a talent..,much peace , Lisa”

“Checking out the dark sound of Obral Rock right now. Crazy ;]”

“Wonderful Vibe here on your page, your music has that sound that brings joy to my ears”

“Your versatility and range of power in the instrumentations is superb. Very impressive. Charlie”

“Very professional Production! Keep up the good work and never give up! :)”

“Fantastic Music, a pleasurre to listen, let it rock”

“Hey Dani, You have some wild and cool Guitar sounds a bit of Steve Vai inspired there. Sounds great. A Guitar Virtuoso for sure.”

“You obviously have big diverse talent! Good listening! Thanks for sharing this with us~ peace, sarah/The Sarah Swanson Band”

“Listening to "Obral rock." really nice tune, full of uplifting energy!! Keep it up.”

“Incredible performance! Great songs! Different styles! All the best!!!”


“Great arrangements and talent you have here Dani. Dig your vocals and guitar playing on these tracks. Keep up the awesome work and all the best!”

“nice guitarworks here, Simfoni Minor - cool track , great vocal, all the best tommy”

“Hi Dani! You are a great talent. I love the guitar solo. Your video is wonderful. Very, very good. good luck.”

“your simponi minor made me cry a tear..can't under stand a word..but i felt it..you are quite versatile.. it always amazes me when tough musicians can dig my stuff..i love all genres..as long as it is real, not contrived.. stay strong and Happiest new year..and thank you! i feel you may have actually listened! LTW”

“Great talent my friend!!!! stay awsomeeee!!”

"METAL N FRIENDS"- enjoyed the listen, GREAT song!! Just shared it on my Facebook page for my friends to listen too! All the best!

“Obral Rock is awesome - excellent guitar work!”

“really great music, awesome guitar playing-much respect----”

“Great sounds! Definitely gets the energy level up”

“Just top class! Jules”

“Great variety, very adventurous, excellent musicianship and arranging, very enjoyable.”

“LovD that Obral Rock!!!! Very different!!!”

“Love the energy in "Obral Rock"! Awesome arrangement and technique.”

“Always great music here and sheer talent, love it. Love, Judy Shire xx”

“Been a while since I listened to this stuff. F***ing amazing.”

“awesome sound.... stopping thru to show LUV to the movement...... 1LUV ~SLIC~”

“U got great music..Im a fan..stik wit ur talent!!”

“hey man very crazy and groovy, congratulations”

“You have wonderful music Dani.keep it up..”

“Good all-around work! Best wishes, Manuel K”

“Your right all your song have their own groove their own feel , all are great! Nice work Dani, wishing much success! Cheers! Kat”

“bonheur vive la musique!! mon ami”

“great work! lovely vibe! Sukses selalu Mas Dani.....”

“Your music contains talented and diverse artistry, giving us your fans much inspiration, Thanks Dani. C.S.warrick”

“MERCI BIENVENUE JE suis content que vous aimiez mes chansons cela est reciproque bravo amities daniel magnifique guitariste vous etes daniel”

“We can all use some Metal n' Friends, right? Good song and a little scary. :)”

“You prove that music is a universal language! Excellent work my friend!”

"Hidup Tanpa Asal Asalan" is a great track!

“Cool tracks. Very unique!”

“Excellent music. I respect your talent. All the best with your music. BassieDee”

“Killer work! We really like your sound!”

“You have very good musical and production skills Dani. Respect, Jules”

“Dani, you are a marvel of eclecticism, excelling across the music spectrum. Rock, funk, jazz... "Hidup Tanpa..." is wild. Cheers!”

“very good music glad to show support”

“Enjoyed listening to "Obral Rock". You are a very talented artist. I wish you much success on your musical journey.”

“A man with his heart on his sleeve producing music with passion. If only the world would listen......CH”

“A supreme and exotic combination of talented vocals, spacious ambience,... and sounds of wonder. AWESOME!! j rush”

“Even though I don't understand your lyrics, I still enjoy your songs. You're real talented in every genre you've put up. I hope to hear more and see what you do in the many other genres of music.”

“Simfoni Minor is beautiful! Great musicianship, vocals and unique atmosphere and sound. Wonderful guitar playing as well!”

“Love your music it is awesome. Great sounds and voice!”


“Dani, I enjoyed listening to your songs very much. Great work & wonderful creativity & production. Wishing you all the Best!”

“simfoni minor absolutley beautiful.PERFECT! all I can say!...EXCELLENT!!”

“Hello Dani, I'm a supporter of good music for the new generation. I like ! (Simfoni Minor " classy ! ) Make your dream come true! My warmest regards, Jos-Aime”

“You are a terrific and diverse musician, too, so keep up the cool stuff! =)”

“Simfoni Minor is beautiful”

“Great tracks with lots of variety in styles. Obral Rock just rocks hard!! -Cathy”

“Hi Dani,,,Saturday YAY !!!!!.. Let's enjoy the weekend and enjoy all the wonderful music from all our family of friends,,including yours,, The coffee is always on and You are always welcome here at Bonnie's Cafe',,I saved you a seat my awesome friend,,, Love,,, Bonnie”

“Back to start my weekend on your page with your great music have a lovely weekend.”

“Enjoying Pelangi Cinta, great song! Love, Judy Shire xx”

“Quality cool music here particularly enjoyed Obral Rock!”

“Great music. Excellent work. " Pelangi Cinta " - Awesome. All the best. Dimitrios”

“Truly oustanding musicianship. Awesome music, powerful and passionate melodies. Wish you great success!”

“Dani! Your music is incredible.. love the dramatic intros on pelangi cinta!”

“It is always a pleasure to listen to your music you deserve a long and successful career”

“Great Tracks! Thanks for putting me on to your music. I'm definitely a fan!”

“Great stuff! The guitar in Obral Rock was nothing less than amazing!”

“You create a phenomenal atmospheric blend that presents a chaotic atmosphere from which you inject thoughtful melodies. You temper this with great diversity, and an energetic spirit. Rock on, brother!”

“Very interesting eclectic music here...sounds wonderful.”

“Got a chance to finally listen to your tunes...WONDERFULLY CREATED!!! Thanks for sharing!!!”

“Your musics are really thrilling,great and wonderful!”

“You are a heavy metal maniac!”

“a good artist always deserves reconition!!!”

“Really nice stuff and very diverse, keep up the quality stuff!”

“The Logs LOVE Your Music!!!! Great work!!”


“Obral Rock- Super cool man. You are totally rocking. I adore the heaviness. You shine with brilliancy. Cheers.”

“Olaaaaaaa Dani!!!!! Fantastic .... cool Vibez .... I like a lot "Hidup" Keep it Rockin' much Love from Portugal”

“Simfoni Minor has a bit of a Beatleseque vibe to it. Keep up the great work!”

“Wow, your talent is just amazing! Love listening to your tracks!!”

“You are very talented and you deserve the recognition. Keep up the good work. I like Obral Rock!”

“Wow, your talent is just amazing! Love listening to your tracks!!”

“you have a great talent in different genres, Great sound!, BEST REGARDS FROM POLAND”

“Some very melodic stuff here and some really solid grooves. Especially liked Hidup Tanpa Asal-Asalan. Thanks for sharing!”

“I`m very impressed about your multi talented work. Greetings from Germany Egmont”

“Fantastic work man! 'Obral Rock' is super cool :)”

“I like your Guitar Playing very top notch stuff. I like your licks/melodies.”

“And the styles you write are great and vary!”

“Brother, I am loving the depth of sounds and genres I'm hearing. Awesome set of tracks and talent here.”

"Simfoni Minor" was beautiful and full of emotion! Dani you have some very musical talent! PeaCe ElipTic

“Great diversity in your tracks, wishing you every success in all future composition”

“Your Recording Skills and Tones are impressive they are kicking really well on my HK PC Speakers. ”

“Truly original and from the heart”

“Excellent work, Dani. Phenomenal playing and such a wide variety of styles...all great. Keep up the fabulous work.”

“Spending This Afternoon appreciating your wonderful Talent. Its Clear that you are blessed. May God keep your inspiration alert so you give us more of this awesomeness”

“Your Guitar is ROCKIN' MY SOX OFF!!! COOL Tracks Dani :-)”

“Orbal Rock- has some slick guitar solo work my friend.... dig this a lot. Great job!..HOLY FREAKING WOW!!!!!!! Metal-N-Friends melted my ear drums!!! LOVE IT!”

“Excellent..very talented, glad to be a fan”

“Lots of different styles and love I am hearing here”

“Beautiful music. Beautiful voice. Soothing sound”

“Pure Talent!”

“Brilliant variety & musicianship Dani - great work!”

“I love your musical versatility!”

“Great sound! Keep up the hard work!”

“Your music kicks ass! Rock On!”

“Sounds great, man.Session work or perhaps writng for film awaits you (?); or, something esle. Regardless, All the Best~ SS”

“Fantastic music! So intense and creative! Keep up the great work! -DJA <3”

“‘Simfoni Minor’ is lovely, very intimate vocals. W&W”

“Wow, all very different styles, and you can pull them off pretty easily! Nice job!”

“Hard hitting music!! good shit Dani!!”

“Great Music. Cool production. What an amazing one man band performance! Cheers !”

“Very KEWL music! Smooth, dreamy, but passionate...energetic! Thank you for creating your special "magic"!!!!”

“you sing with your heart,very relaxing and beautiful songs ”

“intense & satisfying”

“Simfoni, was awesome. I don't even know what you saying but I like it. Music was brilliant!”

“Awesome talent here and great music in listening to Simfoni Minor. Happy Monday. Love, Judy Shire xx”


“*metal'n'friends* has a great groove and beat - really overwhelming in sound and timing! it's amazing how many styles you play at the same time! great!”

“Awesome music and sound. :-) Wishing you all the best.”

“Awesome guitar playing! Congratulations on your work and on being able to write in so many genres - very well done!”

“Wow! Awesome stuff! Very versatile in the truest sense of the word.”

“genre jumping super talent,...greetings from the UK!”

“You are very talented, great compositions, I dig Hidup Tanpa! I am now a fan”

“YOU, sir are an EXTRAORDINARY TALENT! I am SOOOO impressed! Amazing instrumentation, I love the vocals, the songwriting is unbelievably good. Wow. Rock on! You definiately have a new fan! Greetings from Chicago, Lisa Gee”

“Awesome mix of styles...diggin' your sounds...very Cool!”

“Lot's of genre's on one page!! And all of it fantastic!! You gotta get this stuff in the movies, my friend!!! AWESOME!!!!”

“wow killer tunes!!!!”

“hye..greeting from Malaysia..Nice songs bro..we like it so much..so peacefull sound..great!”

“Dani Had to stop & listen for awhile , Great emotion and feel, Nice authentic feel and arrangements. Pelangi was fav Best of Luck in the future Thanks Rick W”

“It is so refreshing to listen to musicians like you who are so versatile. First I hear this beautiful, harmonious and soulful song. And the next thing you hear is Heavy Thrash Metal song. I was like Whoa!!. Then this funky Red Hot Chili Peppers type of song. Loved it. My deepest respect you Sir. You are a very talented man. Many blessings and good vibrations from The Saint.”

“Great sound here! Keep up the musical creativity and we wish you much success!”

“Beautiful music. Soul moving melodies and sounds..”

“Free, out there, creative, fresh and new; definitely experimental”

“really great your sounds! beautiful music!”

“absolutely sick and insane skillz here.... dude, you are awesome!!!!!”

“I love your music! And you have a really great style! Greetings Valencia DJA ;/”

“simfoni minor is a beautiful song Dani -love for ya -hilrant”

“You're mad, my friend. I love it!”

“Very cool Songs! Really digging Simfoni Minor and Obral Rock. Love the way your mixing it up. Thanks for reaching out. Keep it coming \m/”

“*hidup tanpa* has cought my heart - very original funky sounds with a great experimental charm. don't think you need mire than 8 tracks ... :-)”

“metal n friends, excellent”

“OBRAL ROCK s kickin ass!!!”

“Beautiful Music & Voice”


“Awesome to have Your Fanship You Have A Great Sound XO ~ ATHENA ~ I Am Celebrating Hitting #1”

“Good work and nice ear Dani.”

“Very nice arrangements!”

“Your vocals on Simfoni Minor remind me of Mino Cinelu ~ Excellent...;-)) Best wishes, Andrew”

“wonderful energy and unique twist in your sound, keep it all up forever and let the music speak”

“Interesting sound, cool vibe, nice blends, and great energy; I like "Obral Rock," goes off. Keep on doing you out there Dani.”

“Back to enjoy some of Dani's wonderful music”

“vocals sung with passion and a very nice all around sound..cheers!”

“Wow! Fantastic! Tasteful arrangements and carefully chosen sounds. We seem to brothers in musical restlessness! Why just have one when everything is fun, right?:) Have a nice day! Cheers Mr tourette”

“Simfoni Minor has an awesome sound; beautiful and dreamlike quality.”

“Lovin' the sound of "thing called jazzy", really smooth flow to this song! ”

“Exceptional blend of music my friend. You rock was hot and your jazz was soft. Your trance was groovey and your thrash was a doosey. Keep rockin' for Dayz on End!”

“Metal'n Friends is superb, nice work. Have a wonderful week. Love, Judy Shire xx”

"Metal N Friends" incredible high energy Dani! Guitars blazing! Cool vocal * Meter change ups awesome * Patricia :)

“I love your compositions, excellently orchestrated.”

“Hey man! Really digging Simfoni Minor. Great job!”

“WOW! An awesome amount of musical diversity.”

“Hi Dani, I'm glad to see that here is another to do music in a wide range of diversity. Great!!!”

“Love the diversity!! Shows how talented you are!!”

“Very eclectic, sounds great!!!”

“WOW!!!!!! absolutely POWERFUL!!!!! my best Jerry”

“Amazing compositions Dani.”

“Excellent work Dani. " Obral Rock" heavy n hard hitting, nice playing guitar. Well Done !!”

“ I seriously dig any fusion type of music and you do a damn good job here, friend...the tones of the guitar work is off the charts... ”

“My tail's wagging uncontrollably to this wonderful playlist. 4 paws up with a woof and a tail wag. Woof! "rolls eyes, wags tail"”

“Unique tunes!! Metal n friends rocks!!! ”

“Thing called Jazzy" exciting,vibrant,colourful! Love it! Friendship, Stephanie(Erudite)♥”

“Freakin awesome my friend:-)”

“Wow Man, SO FCKNG GOOD... What Technical Ability & Openness to All Music... I Am Very Impressed ! Want me to Feature a Rap on a Track of Yours ? Peace LL”

“great tracks,really cool guitar playing,nice stuff!!!!!!!”

“Holy ,•@)%! Batman! Amazing energy! Freakin Cheers to you! always, Bonita”

“Sophisticated energy!”

“Well done. Great energy coming out of your work. ”

“Great energy in all the songs ( Love it !)”

“Great !! Nice,groovy and airy !! Guitar is nice!! I'ts encouraging !!”

“Thing called Jazzy sounds great perfect mix.”

“Love it! awesome shreds and tunes, great work!!”

“Man!! This sound awesome :)”

“Awesome songs!”

“Enjoyed listening to your superb music!”

“Excellent production, mixing etc., quite a collection of different flavors....wishing you good things in all you do”

“very versatile approach, original combinations, great ideas, these are only few aspects of Dani's music! well done!”

“Now this is music! Reflective, passionate, great production”

“WOW the energy! so kool! nice to meet you, i love metal/blues slappin that bass all the best!!! guitar work,arrangements awesome!inspiring another world - like jimi hendrix”

“Excellent Music!”

“Great job covering various genres in your music. And to be proficient in multiple instrument is awesome. Nicely done Dani!”

“major talent here !!”

“Nice Creative Passion my Friend. thx / DYSF.”

“Wow!!!!! "obral rock" sounds good!!!!! great!”

“Great tracks here my friend! Good sound. Excellent guitar performance. Greetings! FW”

“One word Awesome!!!!!”

"Orbal rock" is an epic showcase of your enormous talent!! I love the dynamic chordal statements and intensity!! You Rock..Much Love xoxo

“Awesome work, the genre mix is incredible!”

“Very nice tracks and great sounds!”

“Very interesting experimental music.”

“Is there anything you CAN'T do? Wow, what flexibility in writing and performance! Great great great guitar work, too.”

“Great music. Awesome versatility”

“happy to be friends on RN! awesome guitar playing, really well done! : ) deb x”

“Nice to hear a decent experimental artist!”

“Range on top of range.”

“Great variety! Great music!”

“Amazing versatitily, Dani! My favourite is Lebam. Just lovely! Whatever you do - don't stop writing!”

“Wow, amazing guitar work! Great respect! Regards from Munich/Bavaria”

“had a listen to " Obral rock " and really enjoyed the song, rock arrangement, melody, fab guitar work and terrific rockin' moving style..good stuff!..your new friend dean..blessings and peace! ”

“Outstanding guitar work!!”

“Amazing stille and big talent ,love this !:-)”

“Loved Thing called Jazzy and Lebam. Nice variety! Awesome! Loved that you're singing it in your language. Totally cool!!!! Loved it!”

“Nice mix of styles!”

“Very interesting music..amazing sounds..skillful playing..love your stuff..crazy cool!!! Jean ”

“Greetings from Russia to Jakarta! Your band sound very hard, technical and fat! Amazing solo guitar! Keep it up!”

“geniales texturas y riffs y solos de guitarra! su música es gloriosa! muchos saludos y éxito! felicidades!!! de verdad que es muy buena su música”

“a crock pot full of technical skills and diversity...great taste...”

“Great sound-very original...Tim”

“You have some great textures,love the guitar works goin on here,keep It up!”

“True versatility here! It's a true testament to a songwriter's abilities when they are able to span genres.”

“Excellent guitar work and production, enjoyed every track - we wish you all the best...”

“Outstanding guitar!!! You rock!!!”

"Dani" enjoying your unique upbeat vibes!

“Talk about multi-talented. Dani, you're all over the place. Intense and high-energy. Nice.”

“Great music, you are very talented!! Rock On!!”

“Really good songs, excellent guitar playing and tones !”

“Great work Dani, inspiration sounds !!”

“You are very talented Dani,, That is a given,,,”

“Great Work! Very Creative, your gonna make it!”

“We loved all the different styles you performed! Nice way to finish with "Lebam". Keep up the great works! Cheers, DPB”

“Hey Dani, enjoyed listening to Obral Rock. Great guitar work - you're on fire man! Best wishes”

“Man this music is crazy! Good work.”

“really like what you are doing Dani. such cool and diverse tracks, thing called jazzy is a particular favourite. love your work. G”

“Really awesome tracks!!! Going to recommend you”

“Great skills on display - keep writing. Peace from Worcestershire”

“Nothing but wonderful music here....”

“WOW this is really inspiring; you've clearly become adept at like 5 different genres- I'm respecting your guitar work- and really appreciate the props. Aaron PJSV”

“you are the mastermind musician my friend cheers !!”

“Great inventive style with huge musicianship, your stuff is great! All the best, Robert”

“Fantastic musicianship & diverse styles... Kudos & respect from Leeds, England :)”

“talk about multi talent!!! wow!!! Thanks for introducing me to this stuff!!!”

“great musical talent, skillful playing, good composition and changes, awesome production quality!”

“felicidades, sorte sempre, saúde e paz no amor, sucesso, uma canção no ar do seu olhar.”

“You've made some really great music! My ears are happy to experience ur art :) I'm glad to share the world of music with u! Be Blessed”

“Your sound is awesome... Had to stop back by... Dont stop Rocking family... "One Love"”

“Awesome picking as well as nicely placed tempo changes and breaks in "Obral Rock".”

“Checked out Orbal and it rocks beautifully. Very strong guitar. I look forward to visiting again and listening to more.”

“Beautiful tracks. very eclectic. You are a Master of your instrument. More songs!!! i love Thing called Jazzy...”

“Your talent is shining though in your music. Keep it coming.”

“hey there dani, sounds awesome here! lot of different styles, open minded! i like alot! you're talented mate!! keep up with your great work! all the best! . stone-e”

“Great variety of songs and styles, very creative!”

“Dude; Highly diverse & quality tunez. A special kind of musician, expanding your realm of thought & possibilities. Continued success' with your fine musical work!”

“nothing on this earth hits all the bases( basses? ) and rocks like - " metal and friends "-love ya man-sorry it's been a while-hilrant”

“you have got a whole lot of talent!! Best Wishes with a New Week filled with colossal vibrations!!”

“Hello Dani - very awesome and unique things here... and convincingly played.”

“Great compositions !”

"Thing called jazzy" is quite a magnificent showcase of your extraordinary talent! I love the funky groovy vibe and dynamic chordal statements! Much Love xoxo

“what an amazing blend of sounds. Love it.”

“。Great music, great arrangements, superb producer.。♫ ♪ ♫。Great work mate。”


“Great music... Cool Sound... Insane arrangements... Truly a fan... "Dont Stop Rocking" One Love Family..”

“Just heard ''Obral Rock'' and ''Lebam''. Great tracks!! Very creative!!!”

“So much good vibes listening to your songs today. Thank you for sharing your songs with us. Greetings from Paris. Jean-Chris”

“I like your sound! Very talented... Keep it coming! :) support and best wishes from the uk!”

“I really like how you have so many different styles and especially like your jazzy one!”

“Metal'n Friends is wicked..luv it...luv the style of Thing Called Jazzy..great”

“A little bit of everything! The Soup dig it ;)”

“you are a great guitar player!”

“amazing diversity!”

“Great Music and delivered in excellence !! Keep doin' your thing Dani......have a great year .....blessings.......Wayne”

“great , AWESOME music here!! Superb Dani Mkd in GOODWILL * Thank you for sharing your music!! I surely enjoy (",)”

“are you turn as successfully everything you touch? congratulations, cyril”

“Great rocking mix and sound on "Obral Rock"; love the guitar!”

“I like what you're doing here. Nice hard edge with some cool and extreme guitar work. cheers from Seattle.”

"Thing Called Jazzy" is really cool. We are your newest fans from America!

“Great musicianship here! You know how to Rock for sure!”

“I play many instruments and produce our music so I know what you are going through. Great stuff. I am recommending you to all my friends.”

“wow. very good musical material here. enjoyed every track of yours. much love from Ukraine.”

“Amazing diversity! Great tunes, I admire extraordinary guitar work! Great stuff, keep rocking!”

“awesome work :) respect from Houston!”

“Wow Dani! Amazing work! To cover so many genres so well is true talent! Awesome skills!”

“Crazy good Dani!!! Engaging compositions...looking forward to more! TW”

“Talk about the "full meal deal" you got it all goin' on ...great music and guitar work. Cheers!!”


“Wow, you're a musical chameleon. Excellent tunes... "Hidup Tanpa Asal-Asalan" is out of this world.”

“Absolutely fantastic. Your sound is awesome, keep it up. Greetings from Brazil and all the best to you.”

“Great work here.Sounds like you really put some time into your creation.”

“Hi,..Dani,...Thank you for your music creations. Diverse, Cutting edge, original,..and hypnotizing to listen to... Best Regards,... JTR”


“Wow, this is freaking sweeeet Dani. I want to go to Jakarta and hear you guys live. Very rocktastic tunes man! Love the guitar shreddin.”

“definitley all 7 tracks has there own style all dope”

“CrazyCool I Feel the Energy - In some parts Feels Like Santana - Love You”

“Great High quilty sounds here and the arrangments and composments is pretty perfect ^.^ pro works ^.^ Peace to you Dani~”

“great sounds, scorching guitar, and very versatile, right on, stay free and keep on rocKin'!!”

“great guitar musicianship!!!”

“Hey Dani, great listening here! Really enjoying the mix of jazz,funk ,metal , and other styles blended in your sound. Peace 'n music to ya!”

“Beautiful sound....excellent performance....Bravo!”

“'obral rock' is a badass joint, bro... wow, if i could play half as good as you, i'd be happy... ya boi d”

“Keep up that awesome Rock <3 Kellie”

“Nice guitar work, dude! Serious technician here...... ”

“great sounds and instrumentation- topnotch sound- vanilla moon”

“Awesome tracks! True quality ... looking forward to hearing more ”

“you've got an awesome awareness to know where to put your words, I enjoyed lebam it was as if you completed a puzzle lyrically and instrumentally, great song, good work man”

“Amazing, I love how each track has its own flavor n style! dope!”

“Wow, every track here is killer. Awesome job !”

“Metal N Friends is a cool song.... Rock On..!!”

“Excellent work! And a nice, broad range of styles. Best wishes.”

“Man. Your Groove is wicked... You Got Me with, Hidup Tanpa Asal-As… Best wishes from Oz.”

“Dani, I'm just beginning to listen to your music and Hidup Tanpa Asal-As…has such drive, energy & musicianship! Keep the focus, and the faith; as both are integral. I look forward to returning to hear more. ”

“I've heard all your song (krn sy jg anti asal-asalan) Nice riff and lead guitar. Great One Man Show....Two Tumbs Up.”

“I second that! This stuff is awesome! The arrangements are very complex, but very musical at the same time. And to whomever is playing that guitar, WOW!”

“I'm enjoyin this music-I havent heard a good decent rock song in a long time. and freekin god-like gutair playing!!! Wow u guys have any performances coming up?”

“This guy has got talent! This music is not easy to play. Check out "Thing Called Jazzy"...amazing. ”

“Great songs, great talent..Cool sounds, really nice work..congrats, friend..fantastic music..Great ;) ”

“Luv Your Tracks & The Strat's Half Tone, Very Nice! Wish You The Best.”

“Hey Dani, You have an awesome style and a great ear for the guitar. Keep up the great work my friend and thank you.”

“Hell Yeaz! rocking songs brilliantly done!”

“great crossover !! excellent music here........best regards from austria !!!”

“Fabulous guitar work you have going on in your exciting music. Peace & Shower Power! ian & Sonny”

“Wow! Amazing skill.The guitar is top notch!”

“you have a very broad range of great music here Dani, all the best JD L”

“Yeah! So glad to hear some instrumental guitar that does not sound like Vai! People have done that to death I think, Kkeep on Rockin in the Free World!”

“Great tracks! So much talent!!!! Keep up the amazing work and I will be keeping an ear out for you in the future :)”

“Orbal Rock is outstanding! Your music is something to soak in and come back for more!!! Rock on!!!”

“Wonderful music!!! I am enjoying "Lebam" Very catchy with a great sound in all ways!!! Splendid!!! Big Love and Best Wishes Always!!!”

“Very cool tracks! Enjoyed Metal 'n Friends wow!”

“Amazing tracks man!! Very impressed!”

“Dani you have a container full of riffs no doubt man!!!! what a great riffs, super incredible music!!!! my sincere congratulations and best wishes to you. awesome!!”

“great songs ...great sound!! sic guitar work man!!! keep song writing you got it going on bro!! may you have much success in all the good you do... peace and love to you... mr. ddt”

“Your Great Guitar Running on Chords and Circles..!? Very Amazing Man..Congrats”

“Your awesome dude! We love variety and you got tons of flavor! ”

“I love your style!! Powerfully Soulful! Every song will put you in a trance of Freedom!!”

“Dani this is mental! Awesome guitar playing and musicianship overall. I love your bravery to just try anything genre-wise. I am a multi-genre artist to a degree but I always wonder will people get it? This is a cool collection of songs!”

“Bonjour Dani et merci ! You are a great guitar player ! Your work is very interesting. Keep in touch. Best regards CP”

“A wide variety of styles here, and they're all excellent! Two of my favourites are "Hidup Tanpa Asal-Asalan" and "Thing Called Jazzy".”

“Realy great music in all genres, I especialy liked the obral rock and Hidup tanpa ”

“Your music it's FANTASTIC. True Artist my Friend. Pierre ”

“Multi Talented musician you are. Thing Called Jazzy is unique and a perfect song”

“Thank you, really enjoying your songs, I've reached "Metal and Friends", very inventive, love it!”

“Very good music Dani!! You realy have a talant for music in all kinds of genres. I like to move around in the music world myself. It makes you grow and progress as a musician. Keep up the good work, and let the music flow! -Steve Evets”

“Great fusion on Obral Rock! Very funky/groove-driven while keeping a mellow classic rock vibe! Awesome stuff my friend!”

“Very highly accomplished musicianship, production and composition.”

“Cheer's to the brilliance of the Godspark in us all... to greater degrees of perfection all...”

“That is gorgeous Music Really good tracks you got here. And the guitar is Hot :)”

“Rockin playing, very nice!, great production and diversity, Keep Rocking, EH”


“Dani, to create this great full sound by yourself is mindblowing..you are an amazing musician. ”

“You are a dazzler player! Je tire mon chapeau!”

“Breath-taking! Beautiful and original. Creative music that stands out from the crowd. You are amazing! So gifted and talented, congratulations! God Bless you! Keep up the wonderful work. Outstanding! My very best wishes to you from England. Rob.”

“Lebam happens to have a very soothing and authentic feel to it,i really enjoyed listening dani this is awesome work darlin'.”

“Interesting world of sounds,great performing and work! M.”

“loving you approach to the musical edge of melodic transfusion. simply intriging and addictive. billy t scrapper ”

“Hi Dani, I'm loving how you mix genres -- it takes a lot of skill and deep appreciation of music to do that... All the best with your tunes!”


“WOW, so versatile, fantastic!”

“Dani... You got all kinds of good good sounds....this is rare...it's awesome..”

“i've listend to your tracks and they are all very different! your rithm and solo guitarwork are outstanding! have fun, Renée”

“Wow, great guitar skills, Dani!!! You master many genres, that's wonderful. Good vibes!”

“love the guitar shredding. My preferred style of music. Instrumental shredding lol :) nice whammy pedal work too”

“Awesome man, you are a great musician. ID rocks so hard!!”

“Hidup Tanpa Asal-Asalan, really really really think this is a solid track, put together so well, vocal execution and arrangement, playing of patterns. Build your audio library, persevere amidst adversity and find a way to continue your creation process. Much love! TLA”


“Love the way you straddle the genres from metal through funk/Jazz and pop. Outstanding work my friend, long may it continue! Peace...”

“I love what you are doing and cherish your ethic of genre-less pre-programming. Great creative force and please do continue! TLA”

“I particularly love the beautiful electric guitar riffs towards the end of Obral Rock & Metal 'n Friends - more of that, maestro!”

“Dani ,Obral Rock is the best guitar work I have heard in a long time LOVE IT”

“That does it! Mind currently blown away by the awesome guitar work on Obral Rock! Nice sound on your music.”

“Really enjoying your diverse playlist - groovy exploration of styles with great playing! ”

“Obral Rock is a really heavy tune, with very intelligent syncopation contrasting the flowing electric guitar-in-front music. Nice.”

“NICE JOB BRO...mmg sedap dengar... :-)”

“Thank you for the connect, you put out some real talented audio artwork and I want you to know that you are supported, appreciated & respected. TLA”


“This guy is incredible and must be as mad as Steve Vai or Frank Zappa ! Excellent work !! EYE 2 EYE ”


“Hey Dani! Back for another listen. Man, you are so great. You can play any genre of music and take it to the top. The difference between Thing Called Jazzy and Metal 'n Friends are worlds apart, but they are both are superb. Love the break-down section in Metal n Friends. Keep rocking Man! Lon from The Space Sharks ”

The Space Sharks

"Thing called Jazzy" is stellar -love how you can play so many different genres, and play them very well!

Leanne Felzien

“for the compliament of our music we stay real doing our music to let the world know there are great talent out there like yourself.that have beautiful work on they music instead of hearing music now with no-substance and talentless artists who dont have no real talent but people see them as good artist,without checking out they resume of music.but thank-you fam we will collab,you keep--up the good work with your music one.no-sense”

no-sense /music producer/ lyrical songwriter

“Your a true master of sound.”

Mike Glendinning

“Overwhelming talent and musicianship. You are more than a one man show, your are a musical genius. ”

Richard Wybou

“'Obral Rock' has amazing guitar work, everyone should listen to this, it's a great blend of rock guitars.”

Fonica Monica

“Great rock sound,arrangements and memorable performance”

mirek kwiek

“Great music! Easy to see why you're #1 on the charts! Laney”

JC &amp; Laney

“Very very cool my friend...great changes/progressions and melodies..”


“Fantastic sound and cool guitar playing. Best wishes my friend !! \m/”

Stefano Miucci

“The music is out of sight. Excellent. Keep it up.”

Robert Watson

“Excellent arrangement skills,strong melodic sense...love it... even not knowing the words you speak...All the best to you...”

The V.U.&#39;s

“exciting & very entertaining rockin beats... great guitar shredding & hot guitar licks... sukses & maju trusss...”


“Very good and very interesting music here.”


“Hi Dani, love your music..shades of Satriani on "Obral Love"..also dig the variety within your tracks here..something for every listener!!!! gr8 sounds..keep up the inspired and inspiring work..love from Tom and Linda”

The Ducks

“I love that you don't put your music in a box. What a rounded sound and each piece is different. Loved your work!”

Carla Bonnell-Rickard

“Amazing guitar work, reminds me alot of a modern Jimi Hendrix for some reason, enjoying the listen, very psychedelic and OUTSTANDING!!!”


“Brilliant writing & gr8 musicianship...!!!”

Rick Sparfven

“This awesome! Great compositions- I love the harmonizing and the guitar solos! Super talented and unique!”


“Tight. Talented. Tenacious. A multiple-genre auditory journey, as music should be. Nasty guitar! Smart twists and turns.”


“Dani is the Indonesian Steve Vai! This is intense playing. Love it! Keep shredding... Cheers from Take Away The Ugly ”

Take Away The Ugly

“Brillant flow & very impressive rhythmic and melodic variatons - like it a lot.”

Pyjama Devil

“more to say about yours!! Awesome I am jammin to your song "Obral Rock" Loving that crunchin intro and screamin guitar!! YOu rock!! Keep up the great work!”

Shocking Dawn

“Very blown away with your talent! Love the the variety of sounds.... Wow!!!! The guitar skills are outstanding.... Vocals are outstanding as well. Very original tracks... Delicious taste!!! Many blessings.....”


“Wow! Great songs, Dani!! Love the care-free, seat-of-your-pants style you have and the approach you take with the guitar work! Awesome! Love the way you swtich genres and kick ass in all of them! Keep rocking! Lon from The Space Sharks ”

The Space Sharks

“sounds very "pro" ! enjoying the tunes!”

The Ragged Blade Band

“This rocks!...so tasty and funky. Hidup Tanpa Asal-Asalan blew me away! Killer grooves through and through. ”

Sandy Gritt

“You amazed me...very versatile...there is no only one kind of songs....overall!!!...I love it!!!”

Celio Werneck

“nice tracks..I can see where your coming from..each track has its own identity and shows how versatile your writing is..well done ..keep in touch..Will.”

Holy Grail Records

“Nice Work..Love the way you get out there and go into different genres.”


“Really enjoy your work. Very cool, diverse tastes and all are executed well!”

Paul Kriege

“Nice big Wow back to you. I see that you are a talented musician who isnt afraid of trying different styles! I'm listening to hidup now... very cool. M.”

Martins Bizarre World of Sound

“wow ! its really multi style !!!”


“ You're one talented dude, Dani!!! Enjoyed the tunes and will be returning to see what surprises you got in store for us next. Cheers from CANADA!! ”

Beer Supply

“I really hope we can do some music together the more I listen to your music the more I like it”


“Talk about Art, your playing and your style is a masterpiece. Wish you were here :)”

Deborah Joe

“Obral Rock is a really incredible song! Amazing electric guitar playing.”

Brandon Fiechter

“Really loving your upbeat driving music, awesome awesome awesome. Loving Orbral Rock. Totally kicking tune..”

Kelly Giles

“Variety is the spice of life and you're doing well. Best of luck with your projects.”

Carlos Wilde

“Dear Dani, Amazing sound!!! took me on wonderful journey. Absolutely fantastic! Ryo,”

Ryo Utasato

“your music is awesome! real talent! best wishes to you”

Nelle Mabry

“Nice work here! Lots of variety and thoughtful arrangements. Best of luck to you!”

Steve Zemba

“These tunes ROCK!!!!!!! The diversity is awesome! 'Metal 'n Friends' and 'Obral Rock' are my favorites!”

Spencer Joyce

“Awesome musical handicraft on your tracks. Keep up the good work! ”

Firn - NR

“Very tastefull tracks, Dani. I respect your versatility. Real dug the funkiness of Hidup Tanpa Asal-Asalan. Keep up the great work!”

Emanuel David

“Great playlist.... Such an experimental blend of... everything... Very, very cool and impressive :)”

Marquita Brown

“Outstanding work! I love how you tackle multiple genres and sound original in all of them... Rock on! ;) ”

Kai Korteila

“Wow all the songs have such a different vibe (in a good way).. nice work!”


“Your're range is extremely impressive. Great work!”

Strikes At One

“Wow! Impressive music here. Great guitar work, excellent playing all round, and realyl cool tunes. Love it!”

The Professor and Naomi Kay

“Your music has a unique sound, it crosses over into several genres and even across the ocean...I LOVE IT....”

Msmarilyn Miles

“Mantep bro :)”

Yonas Prayudhi

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la pillos maracas noise

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“I really enjoyed the music on your page Dani Mkd in GOODWILL!!! I also made sure to become a fan and like your page on Facebook. Congratulations on all your success and the many more rewards to come. "Touch The World" F.L. Freeman, Audio Engineer/ Mixer - 111 Entertainment LLC ”

111 Entertainment LLC

“hey man, you are simply a big bundle of talent...”

ambar das

“ Extrordinarily talented and addictive! Love what you are doing here! -EpiZootic ”


“Awesome! Brilliant! Outstanding! Lovely! Fabulous! Superb! 5 STARS!!!”

Helder Rock a.k.a. The Misfit

“Man you are a talented songwriter-keep writing great songs!!”

Nathan Brumley

“WOW!!! Great guitar work on "Obral Rock"!! When I pressed play I was blown away. Incredible stuff here!”

Circular Vision

“V.talented, lovin ya style, and what Musicianship, this is how its done. Stay blessed ;)”

Mama Chill

“Real Music for the Soul!..lots of music out there that's very robotic but yours is alive! Awesome guitar skills and really like the overall sound of the bass and drums.”

Flight Of The Fatman

“Excellent rhythms and contrasting styles. This artist is a natural talent.”


“Incredible sound! Ilove the mix of different styles!”

Skarred Kage

“Super awesome!!!”

The Judes

“Wonderful Tracks Dani.Great works on the guitar,awesome.”

Richard Hills



"Hidup Tanpa Asal-Asalan" is awesome!! Great work!!

/Thurgood Marshall Jones Jr

“Great music. I really like Thing Called Jazzy... love it. ”

Vagabond Singer

“Tuning into Obral Rock and wow great shredding guitar work.....June x”

June Stevenson

“Awesome music..guitar is killer!”

Elena Vogt

“loving the style!! excellent music and vibe the passion burns in this place!!! keep up the fantastic music!! respect ”

David Flow

“Great Music! Love your track "Lebam".”

David Wayne Tinch

" Orbral Rock " fantastic work on this track.

The Fabulous Del Counts

“Lebam is a great track - good luck with your music!”


“awesome guitar and harmonies!!!”

Chris Aguayo

“Wow! Amazing Guitar Skills! Keep Rocking!”

Trice Jacobs

“sounds great! awesome guitar playing!”

Marco Maenza

“really dynamic stuff Dani! :) you're super talented and deserve more recognition for sure!”

The B Team

“Oh wow! Obral Rock! Luv that screaming guitar! Nice ending. . . oh! Now a funky lead into the next song. . . Exciting sounds here. . .i think i'll stay a bit :) ~ Lace”


“Amazing guitar work on each of these tunes. Tasty and addicting. Very artistic and cool work. russ”

Blue Mountain Mule

“All your songs here are very unique, I like it very much that you play many music genres. That is very cool!”

Marek Starx

“Incredible musicianship - epic tracks - a star!”


“Great tracks...I like how every song has a different feel and style....EXCELLENT!!!!”


“SUPERB! Amazing guitar work and excellent musicianship. His timing is spot on and has so much character in his playing - makes each note come alive... wonderful...”

The Garden Of Cyrus

“Insane Guitar Skills! Holy Talent here, Obral Rock, Rocks!”

Annie Handley

“There's a wealth of talent and versatility on display in Dani's music.”

Joanna Melas

“The guitarist (Frank) and me (bassist) listened to your music and we were shocked. We were very impressed by your musicianship, and the different genres that you can play. Fantastic work Dani...hope to see you on a big stage one day. Eddie (bassist)”

Eddie - WYZARD

“Excellent music...like a combination of the best of the last 40 years in rock!”

Zeus Rooster

“Wow! This is like an audition for a thousand bands. Dani's not lying: dude can seemingly tackle any genre. Obral Rock is an all-out rock guitar assault. Jazzy is just a small taste, but the shift to jazz is complete. Then on Metal 'n Friends (with Blues 'n Swing), he cuts back and forth between metal (thrash or speed?) and blues. It's bizarre, but totally effective and ear-popping. You passed!”

Howard Lawrence

“LEBAM, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls. ”

David Namerow (Freelance Conga

“Sick work on all instruments, especially guitar! Well crafted. Keep it up!”


“Wood sheddin' shredding from the temple to the mountain. Dani!!!! Great guitar dude!”

Greg Leatherman

“Interesting and imaginative music. You do have music in different styles. Well done. Music is what ever you want to be. Keep making the music.”

Barbarian Wizard

“great music, instrumentation is awesome..!”

Neil - The Prairie Travellers

“Hi !! been a pleasure listening to your music..especially love "Metal & Friends"..very cool :) thnaks for the support..pleasure to fan ya back..all the best to ya..Jen ~ Australia ~”

Hillbilly Dix

“Really enjoying all these songs. Good Vocals and Instrumentation throughout all traxxxxxxx. You're such a talent. I just pushed PLAY ALL today and Like I said, I enjoyed them all. Good job........... Tony ”

Extreme Dream

“Wow, that was entertaining. I listened to five tracks and it sounded like five different artists. Well done!”

The Electric Era

“Obral Rock is a very enjoyable rock track. Really powerful track full of great riffs, melodic solos and invention. Great sound as well.”

Last Day On Earth

“Great voice and sound colors on "Lebam" Dani!!”

John Revitte

“Anti Dugem,, my first listen here! No clue what your sayin,, but I can "feel" it and it Rocks! Very kool production! I'll be back..(:* Rock on,, Krayg out.”


“What an amazing range of talent and styles here! Love 'Thing called Jazzy; really cool laid back sound, nice!”


“APA kHABAR ? disana Hebat musiknya ! Awesome guys!! ”

Dream Cathcer

“Killer music and guitar work!”


“Great work Dani. Blazing guitarscape on Obral with classical chordal movements”


“great stuff here! love the guitars you did in your songs! crazy skills man!”

MBA (met by accident)

“Wow! Dani!, You blow me away! Multi-talented! All Instruments, well done. Your guitar chops, riffs and attack are awesome! Love the tunes ”

Bruce Wayne Robinson

“Very cool and unique music! Excellent work! God Bless, ”

Laramie Cooley &amp; Kilkenny&#39;s Secret

“Awesome guitar leads, hybrid of styles and rawkin' attitude ya got there my friend, keep up the good work! Peace & respect, Aerial ”

Lunar Dusk

“really enjoyed Lebam....great music”

Roy Burns

“'Thing called Jazzy', such a perfect funky and neat little showcase track, love the voiceover vocals!”


"Thing Called Jazzy" is really unique

Michael Tyrone Boyd


Mike Sanders

“Obral Rock: Great stuff, cool elements and smoking guitar!”

Rhino Sorceress

“Very good original music & artist.”

Jonah Watkins

“beautifUL . this is ART”


“Great mixtures of styles. Wonderful music.”

Mark Parker

“Your talent is amazing! Honestly haven't heard guitar playin' like that in a while!!”

Brummet and Lynn

“Great Talent, Great Music, Great Vibes !!! XCELLENT !! ~ Fefe”


“Cool tunes, really liked "Obral Rock & Metal 'n Friends", excellent guitar work on both tracks!-Dave”

Choki-Starz Productions

“Listening to "Obral Rock",woow,such a rocking sound,you rock!!”

Eva Rockin