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With roots deep in the music of Nashville, Tennessee. Singer-songwriter Aron Leigh grew up immersed in country music, and the world of songwriting. He began to play the guitar and sing at the age of five, drawing inspiration from all who surrounded his life. He wrote His first song on his Father's (Richard Leigh) old nylon string guitar at the age of 10 years old. The same guitar his father wrote his first song on years earlier at the same age .

As a child, Aron spent a lot of time at various studio's on music row. One in particular (Emerald Studio) that would later prove to be in his future. Spending time with notables early on, such as Harlan Howard, Waylon Jennings, Steve Popovich Sr., Larry Lee, Josh Leo , Alabama, Clint Black, Alan Reynolds, Billy Dean and many others… Aron would later record his own album in that same Emerald Studio building years later (now called Benchmark.)

“When I was a child I grew up watching people play music. It was a very natural way to live for me.
What I didn't realize was that a lot of the people I was exposed to as a kid were going to turn out to be some of my hero’s later. I was raised in the country music industry, and in some cases blessed to be sitting around country music royalty. As a kid I didn't really know, or understand, as most don't, But I knew enough to pay attention".

Aron Leigh's music evokes the sounds of an old songwriters soul, with a smooth rich voice all his own. His powerful vocal range, and colorful pallet of musical stylings, along with rockin’ high-energy songs and emotionally gripping ballads exemplify the versatility that Aron possesses.

2006- Aron Leigh signed his first record deal with Transform Entertainment.

2007- joined SESAC

2008 -Aron signed a publishing deal with Watsky Music Publishing where he continued to craft as a songwriter.

2009-Married his best friend Courtney Leigh

2010- signed with Stampede Music Production
2010- His son Austin Leigh was born

2011- Aron released an album "Wake Up Mamma" .
2011- released the video "God's Gonna Do What Gods Gonna Do"
Produced By Glen Sweitzer of Fresh Designs

2012- Aron Formed the duo "Forgotten Waters" With Mike Ulvila
2012- Aron had 8 songs recorded by Independent Recording Artists in both the Pop and Country genre's

So far in 2013
-Aron Has had 4 songs recorded by Independent Country Artists. And 1 independent Pop Artist.
- 23 TV & Film placements
-Released his duo "Forgotten Waters" EP
-And Is currently working on two solo records to be finished in 2013
-Aron's Song "Wake Up Mamma" (shot Down.....) has just been featured in the latest Monster energy drink Viral youtube video Motorcycle vs. Car drift battle 3

Aron Leigh is an advocate for the Songwriter:

"I love songwriters, and I admire my friends so much. I celebrate in thier lives and their achievements. I also believe I wouldn't be the songwriter I am today with out them! Some of these great people that I have been able to work with, and continue to work with are: Mike Ulvila, Steve Dean, Josh Martin, Kris Bergsnes, Jake Mitchell, Jimmy Hendricks, Justin Martin, Austin Webb, Mark Kreuzer, Molly Hunt, Eric Halbig,Phil Barton, Adam Cunningham, Nolan Neal, Graham Rodgers, Trey Lewis, Travis Howard, Briana Tyson, Doug Kayhan, Johnny Bulford, Dennis Matkosky, Jesse Matkosky, Angie Broberg, Jason Delkou, Benji Harris, James Dean Hicks, Brian James, Trent Jeffcoat, Taylor Jones, Morgan Leigh, Bec Levelle, Taylor Leigh, Ryan Leigh, Richard Leigh, Josh Leo, Matt Marnichick, Buzz Goodwin, Greg Bates, Leah Turner, Bethany Dean, Manny Medina, Chris Nathan, Kinsey Rose, Melissa Pierce, Charlie Colin ,Terri Sawchuk, Claire Wyndham, Jennifer Zuffinetti, Jennifer Adan, and Michael Dulaney,"

Aron also works along side several young and upcoming Recording Artists.

Aron Leigh Is definitely not just a songwriter. Aron Leigh is an exceptional and unique Artist/ Musician and has performed throughout the country building a solid fan-base. Aron is always improving and developing his connection with his audience. Most recently Aron’s song “Cowboys Duty” (A parody) was played on over 200-radio stations nation wide, and all over the world. It is currently being featured on the 2013 "Outlaw Country" on Sirius satellite radio show. Aron Leigh's songs have also appeared in over 150 TV shows, films and commercials.

“I love being around the great musician/players. It’s always so inspiring and allows me to explore different avenues of my music that I wouldn't be able to do with out them. I am a huge fan of thier hearts, and their talents as well." The session players of Nashville are the backbone of this business, they are often the unsung heros just like the songwriter can often be. It's amazing to get to know them personally. Guys Like Ilya Toshynski, Kenny Greensburg, Adam Shoenfeld, Chad Cromwell, Ben Phillips, Mike Paine, John conley, Dan Dougmore, Craig Young, Russ Pahl, Jimmy lee sloes, Mike Brignardello are some of the great musicians I've been blessed to know and have record my songs.
I have always tried to make it a point to surround myself with musicians that are better than I am. And I’ve been blessed enough to have some of those same people say I inspired them as well, and that’s when the magic can happen. A shared inspiration! Hopefully, as the years and music progress, that will translate into moments that last forever. I guess we'll see won't we?"

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