They might catch you anywhere anytime now. It might be on the bus, it might be at your local swimming pool, it might be in your favourite live venue or it might be at your friend's house party. You never know where they will be next, the Young Chinese Dogs.
When you meet these folksters for the first time they seem to be kind of cute with that toy piano, these harmony vocals, and these catchy folk melodies in songs like “Please don't go” or “You can't find love in the summertime”. Some people say “It's just like falling in love”. At least that is how Sueddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany's biggest dailies, likes to put it.
Then again, in just a blink of an eye the Young Chinese Dogs turn around and start to bite you with rough and snotty Indie tunes. Well, this is what happens when a band writes songs in a secluded cabin in the italian mountains and then takes these songs on a pub tour from Munich to Dublin and back. In songs like “Don't talk about” or “Sweet Little Lies” (only second to Mumfords in the Irish balcony.tv charts for months) one can feel the sweat and smell the beer that accompanied these songs' journey. If there is one band to deserve a pint or two, it is Young Chinese Dogs. Because this band has a credo: Young Chinese Dogs only play instruments that they can carry with their own two hands to the gig. No more, no less.
Just when these songs hit you the hardest the band turns wonderfully melancholic in songs like “This Town Is Killing Me” or “Walk Away”. An then suddenly fate is calling the band again. They pack up their acoustic guitars, ukulele, accordion, bass drum and toy piano and their journey continues onwards.
Fortunately on their journey Young Chinese Dogs stopped by at a studio and recorded their debut album. It is just as rough and organic sounding as the band plays live. Also in the studio the band stuck to their credo and recorded only instruments that they can carry in their own two hands.
When we listen to the last line of the album saying “It's the morning light that is taking you from me” the listener definitely will not say goodbye but puts that album on repeat, and might be wondering where Young Chinese Dogs are right now.
You can never know. But one thing is for sure: they are on the way. And one day, they gonna catch you as well!

Alexander Hettler, Berlin, alex@buerohettler.de, Tel: +49 176-22 63 36 00

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Nick Reitmeier, Oliver Hendriksson, Birte Hanusrichter
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Folk / Pop / Country

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