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In the beginning there were two. Two friends putting a two year collaborative hiatus to rest by picking up the broken pieces of the best thing that never was…. Zesty Lester & The Spicy Meatball. 'Dude, you should come over and jam...." were the words that came out of drummer Chris Austin's mouth back in January 2009, an invitation for bassist Jeremy Norris to head over and throw down. It was soon thereafter that Chris and Jeremy decided to give the musical megaproject a second go. Keeping in mind all that made the mighty Zesty Lester camp fail, Chris & Jeremy treaded lightly through the ideas they had been easing towards for the last two years and both had agreed that a sax player would be the next addition to…..well….whatever it was at that point.
Chris, who had been working at a local music store, mentioned to Jeremy one of his coworkers played sax quite well and he had invited him over to jam. That night the three of them; Jeremy, Chris and Leo Limon, made the earth shake and continued to cause minor earth quakes for five months when another of Chris’s coworkers, Alex Bustamante (a smoking hot guitarist) asked if he could come over and jam. Jeremy, Chris and Leo didn’t think the damage could get any worse with the addition of a guitarist but they were wrong! Having a second lead instrument caused the harmonies to spread wider giving them a much fuller sound which in turn caused the cosmos to collapse into itself.
Once the mess was cleaned up and the multiverse was linear again, the guys decided that this was the way it was going to be for a while, Sax, Guitar, Bass and Drums. Since the conversion from mere idea to fully fledged modern day musical titan, the guys all agreed upon Alex’s fine proposal to name the group “Primary Funktion”. Up to date, the guys have recorded enough music to make four full length CD’s and continue to frontier the outer boundaries of Jazz Funk Fusion and beyond.

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Leo Limon-Sax, Alex Bustamante-Guitar, Dewey W-Bass, Chris Austin-Drums/Percussion
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Primary Funktion
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Jazz / Funk / Fusion

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Phoenix, AZ

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