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John ValAdez is from Modesto, California. Being a long time performer, John has a vast knowledge in writing, producing and performance. Influences range from 90's punk band Fugazi to 1950's crooner Frank Sinatra. John has been in his share of bands over the past 14 years, however this artist takes this entire music business...as simply a hobby.

“My approach at music is simple, I do it because it’s fun. It’s an interesting challenge to me just to see what I’m capable of. Writing style depends on what I’m feeling at the moment, not necessarily my mood, but whether I want to attempt at a fast rock song, or a slow classical song, or a ballad or whatever. I don't limit myself to just one genre of music. However I don't do rap or hip hop.

I don’t consider myself an "artist/musician". I feel most musicians/artist have a gimmick or bit about them, whether it's subconscious or intentional or very intentional. I don’t feel apart of all that. My choice in clothing and personal character are far from eccentric, and my attitude is not f*%k the world. Not to knock those belonging to a type of scene, its just not how I naturally approach music. You won’t catch me posing in photo’s with my guitar near some graffited wall or near train tracks or roaming the streets with a guitar in hand. You defiantly won’t hear me talking about my music explaining how “honest” and "real", that you hear every artist portray their music as, like it hasn’t been said before them again and again. I think naturally all music is honest to a point. It's not really a unique thing. I’m just a guy from California. I love to surf, play whatever style music I want, and maybe perform here and there! An even bigger love of mine up there with music is football [NFL]. I’d much rather talk football, than talk about how “honest” someone’s music is. As Fugazi would phrase it, “Don’t get tangled up, trying to be free.”

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