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..At its most powerful, music transcends barriers, uniting people who on the surface may seem to have little in common. Such is the case with the ..Randy James Band.., a Bismarck/Mandan based blues/rock band whose partners, despite being from very different backgrounds, have a musical and spiritual bond beyond measure. On their debut album, one can hear the power of their friendship and dedication to one another in the music, a lush, emotionally intense and darkly beautiful bluesy rock record that goes much further than skin deep in exploring timeless and universal themes of love, friendship, strife, loss and determination in the face of all life delivers... ..Consisting of Randy James on guitar/vocals along with Bill Pringle on bass and Tim Turnbull on drums, the primary members of ..Randy James Band.. come from opposite sides of the tracks. Randy grew up in North Dakota, a product of a stable family with much musical talent. Bill’s musical career began at an early age with the encouragement of his parents. Tim’s musical foundation derives in his teen years from a yearning to unleash a primordial creativeness that is the backbone to all music... ..Music has proven to be both inspiration and salvation for all members of the band. For Bill, his parents were the catalyst. “I suppose I was around five when my mother had me take piano lessons,” he recalls, “My teacher told my mom if I could hear it I could play it. Reading music was not an option.” A few years later Bill reminisces about his first stringed instrument, “My dad bought me a Hoffner bass and I quickly put a band together, we played all through high school.” Tim started playing drums in the early 60’s. He then reluctantly set down his sticks to pursue another career in the late 70’s. By 2003 his passion for music could no longer be caged and he re-emerged into the music world. “It was my Birthday party and we decided to have a birthday party/jam session,” he says “Out of the birthday party, the band “Dick Tater” was formed.” Randy grew up in a musical family. From a very young age he can remember that “Every family gathering included singing and playing guitar, it’s what we do when we get together.” he says. “I grew up around musical instruments and singing, it just came natural to pick something up and try it.” Out of this young curiosity surfaced a now tastefully seasoned unique style of playing... ..Randy, Bill and Tim merged in 2008 after a chance encounter at a local “Bluesfest”. The members immediately meshed. Their collaborative efforts have produced a fresh genre of original songs. The ..Randy James Band.. music is infused with a strong sense of motivation. Randy explains, “Our music is something different to everyone, the lyrics stir up different feelings within everyone; love, happiness, loss and sadness. The same song will mean different things to each person.” That may seem contradictory, but it’s undeniably human, and you can hear it in songs like ..“Universal Love”.., an optimistic tale of self-confidence and no predjudice. It’s also present in..“Elise”.., where unconditional love is found in the innocence of a child. Musically, Randy’s vocals convey the subtle balance between deep melancholy and exaltation. Bill’s bass modernizes classic forms; the echo-laden consistency, the simple but melodic riffs of great blues and rock. The strong stability of the drums brings a firm confidence to this three piece band. It has roots in the past but is set firmly in the present and it’s that combination that gives The ..Randy James Band.. it’s sense of timelessness... ....Randy James Band.. is finding their audience in the best way possible; through heartfelt, intensely personal music that can strike a chord with anyone and through a steady stream of playing throughout the central plains, affectionately called “The Arctic Tour”. The foundation of ..Randy James Band’s.. music is set in the friendship between its founding members. In 2009, that bond will bring in more and more fans who want to be enveloped in the warmth and realness of the band’s music. The new record is a musical testament to the trials and triumphs of life – theirs and everyone’s. .. .. .. ..

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Randy James, Bill Pringle, Tim Turnbull
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Randy James Band
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