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In the year 1992 Michelle Anderson and Tony Roesler birthed the acclaimed newborn king of rap in Fargo, North Dakota, A-ROE also known as (Alex Roesler). A-ROE was born and raised in Fargo. During Grade school years A-ROE was exceptional in all forms of art ranging from visual to performing. A-ROE didnt hear his calling in the music field until just a few years after entering high school. A-ROE's friends and peers acknoledged his excellent use of lyrical lines and new style of rhyming using metaphores in his raps. After alot of time spent progressing throughtout freestyle rapping, A-ROE became involved in many freestyle battles around Fargo, batles including Lil Stripe, Crazy Flo, and many others throughout the Fargo area. Once A-ROE had been experincing the freestyle rap scene he decided to start recording his lines in a home studio belonging to LDB (Lil Drummer Boi) in 2009 releasing the single "Jerkin With the Ridigies". the single recived great feedback from all of the listeners and almost a thousand views on youtube A-ROE decided to start recording more and more tracks. In 2010 A-ROE and Philly worked together to make the single "Summertime" that was released on Philly Kid's Album. The reviews from that single were even better than the release of the 2009 hit "Jerkin With the Ridgies". Very recently A-ROE has had the oppurtunity to record in the studio while producing his new mixtape. In 2011 A-ROE has climbed the Fargo Hip-Hop charts from #50 All the way to #1. A-Roe has every intention to pursue a Career outside side of rapping and to keep his music an outlet to his artistic side saying, " I just do it for fun man, it might not make me famous world-wide, or nationwide, but i am having fun impressing my fans and friends". A-ROE remains unsigned.

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