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The songs on this page were written and performed by Ric Laue, from Los Angeles, California. Ric has had a rich history of work as a musician in various rock bands over the years, and he has always tried to stay true to his classical training. It is this attention to classical music theory that is most apparent in his compositions.
Ric’s approach to his unique style of music reflects his philosophy that music is the panacea, the answer to all things, that will eventually bring all people together under one flag. In his words, "Music has been with us for thousands and thousands of years. It has been used for anything and everything under the sun. I believe it is a universal language of peace and comfort, with eternal meaning. That is why I write. I am compelled to do it, and compelled is the operative word; day in and day out. People hear the music that I write and they say the same things, "it is so relaxing", "it makes me feel peaceful." What can be more meaningful than that? A time is coming when all of humanity begs for meaning and wishes for the music that helps them remember that peaceful feeling."
I find myself agreeing with this philosophy and the people who find relaxation and peace in his music. It seems to me that today’s music is looking for a new direction, a new genre. I feel that Ric Laue’s music fills that need, creates a new genre, a "New Classical" style that the world is ready to welcome.
My name is Albert Sekely, owner and engineer at Gambler's Choice Recording Systems in Johnstown, Pa. While I have a small project studio that I built in my home, most of my work is done over the internet. I spend most of my time mixing and mastering songs for release on forums such as this, and try to produce a commercial quality product. In the past I have compiled CD packages for clients, but the industry has changed to the point that most people prefer submitting their music one song at a time on this and other venues. I also play the bass on most of Ric's songs, and can play bass, guitar, and some keyboard.
For the present I am mostly involved with Ric Laue's music, he has a huge backlog of songs that need to be mixed and continues to write at a quick pace. I would appreciate it if you gave Ric’s music a listen, and would also appreciate some feedback. Any and all comments welcome.
I am also looking for new opportunities to mix, master and perform bass and guitar on clients who are searching for that extra effort that will bring their music to the same level as the commercially produced CDs at a fraction of the cost.
Thank you very much!
Albert Sekely

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