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"African black son

Walking bare dusty footed under Africans Hot sun.

Black warrior fighter of common man's rights, learning footsteps

Equality for all oppressed suffering innocent souls

Common man son field street marshal of peace love n' unity. Justice N LIBERTY

Eradication of black Impunity

Who's thirsty can only be quenched by a calabash full of better day waters''

My names are JAMES MASAI PAUL. Named after great grand father n my grandfather. The street call me Jay my Hip-Hop Names are Hustlajay aka Methusuela n Swila ?Mchiriza Sumu'

A year after the famine of 1984

And three days before the Messiah was born.22nd December 85, an African daughter of the long distance trader's community pot broke up in a grass thatched African hut, I was held in her two hands and opened my Eyes to wonders of the world ready for life's long Journey full of hardship.

Welcomed with guards of milk great ululations the elders celebrated by taking palm wine (mnazi) for a warrior had been born. Issues were before she had been exchanged for a basket of millet, later I was circumcised passage from childhood to adulthood

East African COAST of Kenya, MOMBASA. Full of spirits of "FUATA NYANYO'' footsteps of our National flag Motivation.

Black color for Black people.

Red for the blood shed by freedom fighters green for the lands beauty,

To get my daily bread .

The poor child to have a better life full of love.

My inspirations actually inspired by great leaders and legends e.g. Africans writers like Chinua Achebe, Ngugi Wa Thiong'o, Nelson Mandela, Dedan Kimathi especially his quote I would rather die on feet than die standing on my knees.

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