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(ITS KEVIN!!!!) Dinomight aka mark macdonald lived most of his life in vernon. growing up for mark was not easy before the dino started rapping people used to pick on him and make fun because he had disabilities and was in a special needs class called the basic ed. soon mark made a few friends and soon enough he began to write raps to the instrumentals of the bigger artists for fun.No one knew about the gift of the dino until his first performance. allthough dinomight has done alot of songs most of them have been perfomed in his home town allthough he was once featured at the vancouver P.N.E. Red Robinson talent show. Dinomights music is for his people only people with special needs who understand it and everyone else too.Dinomight makes many various themed song stories also. Dinomight has a form of autism known as aspergers , bipolar or manic depression and add attention defacite disorder and adhd. But this does not stop him! Dinomight has now taken some time to change the game and for the most part hes doing beats on his own.expect more my friends. expect more..(I want to have full recognition!) said dinomight ( a true artist can do music themself) otherwise its just not the same. Dinomight continues with his music and to show the world what a greater means of artist can exist! In the new year of 2011 Dinomight then decided to make a Studio for him and fellow artists and customers to use..It took 3 months to complete and 5 months to pay off! In his parents basment recording to Track comebacks since the studios completion For rap..He recorded first (THE SCORCERER) and then (THE INCREDIBLE RING) More to come people more to come!

Kevin is a gangsta rap crip from L.A. Whos Gay..Who met a guy named devon who was a blood at 711..they fell in love and broke up and kevin killed devon..Now kevin is with dinomight beatz and will stop at nothing till dinomights famous!Bar-Knee the dinosaur..Used to be a kids tv show host on BlogTv untill he was beat up by them..for being an alcoholic..and beating the kids back..Bar-Knees's been in prison lots of times but cuz Kevin's a big time crip he pulled him outta jail for life! (Outta jail forever card!) Sperm Man..Long time struggling artist to be the famous artist with a pitch thats even higher than a girl , Violin, or an Eagles voice..Met up with kevin and the rest and thats when we formed the (L.O.K.) Legion Of Kevin!..Rest assured..Our work is not over..The battles just begun!..now Dinomight has branched into a new different band known as (Canadian Click) feat new members such as Charlie Miller a British hit man and Algathor an awkward sounding VIking.

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Dinomight, KEVIN, Bar-Knee, Spermman, Warthog
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Hip Hop / Rock and Rap Rockrap or aka Rawcrap!!!!SpecialNeed / Hardcore Rap

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Vernon, BC, CA

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